Revolution: Micro

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Product Details

  • Revolution Video-Imager Microscope Adaption Kit

    Turn your eyes from the farthest reaches of the beautiful night sky, to the nearest and tiniest of objects on this earth! The Revolution: Micro consists of a microscope lens and a study frame to hold the lens and provide fine focus ability and hold the 7" Revolution Imager LCD. We spend many hours wondering whats out there in the night sky, and searching for new and fantastic sights to capture in our imaging exploits, and are rarely disappointing- but the night sky isn't the only place available to us with fascinating images waiting to be captured! This adaption kit permits you to utilize your Revolution Imager with a microscope lens to capture microscopic phenomena and objects in image and on video. This opens up a wide vista of possibilities that you may not have had access to previously, and can result in some very interesting experiences examining those smallest of wonders. The Revolution: Micro is compatible with both the R1 and R2 camera packages, and provides between 8x and 40x magnification, and with the R2 e-zoom feature you can gain up to 200x when using the 7" LCD. The Camera is not included, and must be purchased separately. This package is comprised of the lens and the tower.


    • C-Mount Microscope Lens
      • Working Distance: 43-150mm
      • Visual Field: 2.4mm-32mm
      • Zoom Range: 8x and 40x (assuming Revolution Imager bundled 7" Monitor)
      • Zoom Range with R2 Electric Zoom: up to 200x
    • Microscope Pillar
      • Height: 29cm
      • Dual monitor mounting options: side arm and top-mounted swivel head
      • Construction: aluminium
    Manufacturer Product Number: RI-MICRO
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