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Revolution Imager Video Astronomy Camera - Version R2


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  • Pixel Array: 720 x 576 
  • 0.4 Megapixels.
  • Weight: 6 ounces. 
  • Battery Lasts up to 5 Hours!
  • See More Detail Than What an Eyepiece Can Show You!


Product Details

  • The Revolution Imager is a self-contained video astronomy camera, and in its R2 Version model, it is better than ever! A portable battery-powered 7-inch screen allows you to share your view and leave the laptop at home.

    With the Revolution Video Imager R2, you can now see more of the Universe than with a standard eyepiece! From valleys of the Moon to detailed views of deep-sky objects, the cosmos are now easily accessible from your backyard. Easily change the exposure of the video camera and seamlessly see the reds and greens of nebulae or even the spiral arms of the Whirlpool Galaxy. You will be blown away at what even the most modest tracking telescopes will show you in just a few seconds of exposure!

    Unleash your astro-imaging skills with the features of the Revolution Imager

    Based on the Sony ICX811 full-color sensor, the Revolution is a modified PAL video camera. By removing the typical IR blocking filter, the infrared wavelength is permitted to pass through to the sensor picking up on all the beautiful detail in night sky objects, especially nebulae. With a quick and easy change in exposure, you can go from Moon and planets to nebulosity making imaging and sharing a wonderfully liberating experience. Capable of capturing stills, the Revolution Imager is the perfect choice for outreach and educational situations.

    With an exceptionally sensitive sensor and the naturally larger pixel dimensions of a PAL camera, the Revolution Imager is the ultimate video eyepiece. Compact design and independent of computer power or screens, this amazing camera weighs just 6 ounces, so it won't weigh down even the lightest of setups.

    Prioritized Mechanics of the Revolution Imager

    With an included 7-inch LCD screen, and plug and play compatibility to the camera, you can leave your laptop safely at home. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers both the screen and the camera, and has an approximate life of 4 to 5 hours in a single charge. This means less drain on your auxiliary power supply or the ability to leave it at home all together depending on your mount. This video shows you how it all works together:



    Versatile Design

    What about capturing stills? While the Revolution R2 Imager's primary goal is to be an ultimate self-contained video camera it's perfectly capable of capturing stills. Pair it with the extremely affordable optional USB Video Capture Adapter and you'll be able to stack images to your heart's desire.

    And with the release of the R2 Version Model, not only have the base specifications been all-around upgraded, but several new ones have been added! For imaging purposes, it's now capable of boasting the capability for 5.12-second exposures, and the further ability to stack up to six images together. 


    OPT Product Number: OCT-REV-R2

  • specifications

    Color or MonoColor
    Mega Pixels0.4 mp
    Pixel Array720 x 576
    Pixel Size5 microns
    Sensor Diagonal4.6mm
    Sensor TypeCMOS
    SensorSony ICX811
    Weight0 lbs
  • included items

    • Revolution imager camera.
    • Portable 7-inch LCD monitor.
    • 12v Li-Ion battery with charger to run both the camera and LCD screen.
    • 0.5x focal reducer to dramatically widen the field of view.
    • UV/IR filter.
    • Hand-held remote camera controller.
    • Shock-proof carry case.
    • All the required cables.

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Randy F.
United States United States

Expanded what I can “see”

The RI2 allows me to see objects almost live and with color I could never see with just my eye. With my 10” LX200R I can see nebulas and star clusters clearly on the screen that were only a grey smudge at best (or not visible at all) when looking with my eye. It’s also a great way to share what you are viewing on a screen for multiple people to view at the same time. I hooked up a WiFi RCA adapter and can send the video to an iPad for friends to pass around. There are 2 negatives: 1. the settings interface. Using the wired remote to step through a bunch of screens to change a setting and then have to exit back out of each screen to get out of the settings menu gets tiring. 2. The wires connecting to the back of the camera don’t seem to have the strongest connectors inside on the circuit board. My video connector early on started getting loose and the video signal would go in / out when the cable moved around. I fixed it by making a loop of the power and video cable and zip tied it to the side of the camera. When any stress is put on the cables it keeps it off the connectors on the camera. The attached photos show what can be done with this camera. Note that these are also stacked using SharpCap. If viewing any of these “live” they are still very visible on the included monitor / screen, just not as much detail.

OPT Telescopes Revolution Imager Video Astronomy Camera - Version R2 ReviewOPT Telescopes Revolution Imager Video Astronomy Camera - Version R2 ReviewOPT Telescopes Revolution Imager Video Astronomy Camera - Version R2 ReviewOPT Telescopes Revolution Imager Video Astronomy Camera - Version R2 Review
Mikr B.
United States United States

Patience Required

I have not yet been able to try my Revolution imager because my new Celestron 8" Evolution telescope has so far been backordered for over six months at OPT (my card was charged at the time of order). Supposedly this is due to the COVID situation; that's what OPT customer service has told me every time I initiate a query and write or call to enquire. I bought the R2 because I like the idea of having a display that is larger than the eyepiece and can be readily watched by my grandkids as well other groups both young and old. When the R2 was received, I was overwhelmed by the umbilical wiring harness. Hey Revolution folks, the cables are almost all "black and round". Surely there can be a better, simpler, and easier wat to connect this tangle? I suggest color coding and/or tagging the cables.

Jeff B.
United States United States

Too many "Stellar Artifacts" but Useful...

While the concept is nice, and reasonably well-integrated technically, sadly, the CCD unit delivers too many "stellar artifacts"... (A pattern of more than half a dozen stars, fixed in location, intermediate in magnitude.) As a result, of little "scientific" utility, yet still of some value for group orientation to the field of view...

Richard C.
United States United States

Second review - Revolution Video Imager - Version R2

Still like this device. Works as advertised. Both remotes delivered with dead batteries. Please rewrite the instructions on your website. You give settings for various observing scenarios, but not explicit instructions how to get to them. Better instructions would have saved me hours of fiddling around. "Play with it until you figure it out" is not very helpful. Instructions do not seem to relate to what I see on the screen. Terminology is different, maybe left over from the previous version? I am a retired space systems developer, so not a technical newbie. A novice astronomer would have a very rough time getting this device going. Specific instructions on operation of the two remotes would be helpful. Maybe all this is covered somewhere on the Revolution website, but I could not find it. Really nice hardware with utility limited by poor documentation.

Phillip M.
United States United States


The entire package including the WiFi worked easily as a Plug-&-Play. The user interface worked as advertised. I attached to a C11 at f/10 and f/2 (HyperStar) and to a 80mm f/7 refractor. All three OTA configurations showed stars. But not able to see LIVE galaxies or bright nebula. Advertisements on the manufactures web site showed images of deep sky objects. I suppose my expectations were to high for this product at this price point.

Dennis R.
United States United States

Planetary Video Imager

Once I figured out the cabling puzzle, and running through the menu multiple times, the imager performed well. It is connected to an 80mm refractor and with the help of a 2x barlow, gives a reasonable image size.