QSI 6120ws-8 12 mp Cooled CCD Camera w/ Mechanical Shutter & 8-Position CFW

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QSI 6120ws-8 12 mp Cooled CCD Camera w/ Mechanical Shutter & 8-Position CFW

QSI 6120ws-8 12 mp Cooled CCD Camera

QSI 6120 model cameras make use of a new 12 megapixel Sony CCD imaging sensor. This sensor provides exceptional sensitivity with peak QE of 77%. The QSI 6120's strong sensitivity along with its expansive dynamic range, dual read rates, low noise efficacy, and integrated 5 or 8-position color filter wheel make it perfectly appropriate for a wide range of difficult scientific, astronomical, medical, and industrial imaging operations.

QSI 6120ws-8 Monochrome CCD Camera Features...


  • 12 megapixel Sony ICX834 sensor
  • 3.1???m pixel offers high resolution
  • High Speed USB 2.0 and read rates up to 8 MHz
  • Two stage TEC with cooling to 40???C below ambient
  • Electronic shutter w/ exposures to 100???sec

High Performance CCD Image Sensor

The QSI 6120 features a 4250 x 2838, 3.1???m pixel imaging sensor that offers especially high resolution. Unvignetted, filtered images are possible even with extremely fast optical systems as a result of the QSI 6120's internal 8-position color filter wheel on top of its compact build.

The Sony ICX834 12 megapixel interline transfer CCD imaging sensor with microlens technology employed by the QSI 6120 camera has remarkable sensitivity over the visual band with a 77% peak quantum efficiency to go with exceptionally low dark current. Additionally, the ICX834 sensor provides antiblooming protection with a fast electronic shutter. Optical response is bolstered through micro lenses that cover the CCD's surface to focus light onto each pixel.

Efficient Low Power CCD Sensor Cooling

CCD Cooler Subsystem




One of the most crucial factors in the compact design of QSI 600 series cameras is a supremely effective custom two stage thermoelectric cooler (TEC) subsystem. Heat produced by the cooler is removed by intelligent, programmable cooling fans located at the back end of the camera body. Controlled CCD temperature is commonly lowered by up to 45???C below ambient making use of 85% power through forced air cooling. Compact temperature regulation of +/- 0.1???C is preserved at temperature levels of 10???C below ambient and less. The rear of the camera body accepts a slim liquid heat exchanger for increased cooling of up to 55???C below the circulating fluid's temperature.

The cooled CCD image sensor is located in a hermetically enclosed environmental compartment with an anti-reflection coated precision optical window covering. This compartment is cleansed with a super dry noble gas for a boost in heat conduction and the removal of possible frost assembling inside the chamber. In order to increase the useful period before re-purging is necessary, a user-rechargeable microsieve desiccant is used to collect water molecules that infiltrate the chamber. This desiccant can be found behind a sub-micron, gas-permeable membrane to avoid harsh contamination of the CCD chamber.

Shutters & Filter Wheel

Electronic Shutter



This QSI 6120ws-8 model employs an electronic shutter integrated into the Sony ICX834 CCD image sensor for exposure control. Shutter timing is very strict and ranges from as brief as 100 microseconds all the way to 240 minutes. This quick acting shutter is attainable as a result of two important features of the interline transfer construction.

  • Any existing electrons may be instantly eliminated from the pixels through a single electronic pulse, beginning the exposure.
  • Following the specified exposure period, the entire image field can be promptly transferred to a light-shielded holding area on the CCD. This allows the image to be read out at the normal rate without being polluted by any stray light left behind on the CCD surface.

Mechanical Shutter



An internal even-illumination mechanical shutter is also included with the 6120ws-8 model. With an interline transfer CCD such as the ICX834, exposures are made by the electronic shutter. The job of the mechanical shutter is to cover the CCD and make the creation of Dark and Bias frames for ensuing image processing easier.

8-Position Color Filter Wheel



In addition, a larger eight-position color filter wheel that accepts either standard thread 1.25" or unmounted 31mm filters comes with the 6120ws-8 camera. The short back focus and reduced spacing offered by this internal color filter wheel gives this 6120ws-8 camera the ability to achieve a complete lack of vignetting even when working with optics faster than f/2.8. To exchange or clean the filters, the wheel can be easily detached.

Connectivity & Notification

The connector panel is generously recessed into the camera body for protection and convenient access to all external connections. An optional cable restraint system may be joined to the rear of the camera body via two threaded holes for reinforcement of the electrical connections as well as the recirculation hoses when the liquid heat exchanged is being used.

USB Interface



Like all QSI 600 series cameras, the 6120ws-8 employs a High Speed USB 2.0 port (USB 1.1 compatible) to link up with, a host computer and imaging application software. Common read and transfer times for an entire 2048 x 2048 image frame are half a second in High Speed mode and under seven seconds in High Quality mode. The frame rate can be expanded even further with flexible on-chip binning or by reading only a fragment of the image (ROI).

Power Requirements



Superior power efficiency is a well-established strength of 600 series cameras. Power consumption for the 6120ws-8 is 24 watts at max cooling, fans, and filter movement. Includes a certified 12v DC power supply with a 90-240V, 50-60HZ input voltage range scope.




All 600 series cameras feature both integrated visual and audible notification. Visual feedback of different camera operation conditions are provided via a multi-color LED status display, while audible feedback is provided through a one-of-a-kind internal beeper. Both visual and audible indicator behavior can be configured or even disabled by the user.

QSI Product Number: 6120WS-8




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