QHY 42 BSI CLASS2 COOLED - (110022)

Brand: QHY


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Product Details

  • The QHY42 BSI Class2 Cooled Cameras use the Gsense400 Scientific CMOS sensor with an extraordinary 95-percent peak QE, 79-percent UV QE, and have a very good NIR response. There is also an extremely low read noise reading of 1.7e-.

    This camera is ideal for astronomical and biological science research. 



    The low read noise and high QE make it possible to achieve high Signal to Noise Ratio even when imaging dim objects. Only 5 photons produce a SNR>3.

    Amplifier Glow Control: Reduces Glow Significantly 
    Unique QHY Technology

    Amplifier glow exists in many CMOS sensors. QHYCCD has developed a unique technology to reduce it. As applied in the QHY42, the user may enable / disable this feature.


    Large Pixel Size: 11 um   89ke- Full Well Capacity:

    The QHY42 has relatively large 11 um pixels in a 2k x 2k array. The sensor size is 22.5 mm x 22.5 mm yielding a good field of view even at longer focal lengths.


    Vendor Number: 110022





  • specifications

    ADC12 bit
    Color or MonoColor
    Cooling Below Ambient40C
    Dynamic Range12 Stops
    Full Well89ke
    Mega Pixels4.2 MP
    MP2 to 4 MP
    Peak QE95%
    Pixel Array2048 x 2048
    Pixel Size11 microns
    PS10 Microns or Larger
    Read Noise1.7e
    Sensor Diagonal31.9mm
    Sensor TypeCMOS
    SensorGPixel Gense400 BSI / UV

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