QHY 16200A Monochrome Camera

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QHY 16200A Monochrome Camera

This is a cutting edge new CCD Camera that was designed by QHY with amateur astronomers who need larger CCD sensors in mind. Its sensor is a new and unique creation with a significantly larger surface area compared to previous QHY sensors, and provides splendid quality full frame monochrome imaging. The format is called APS-H by QHY, and it's a 16 Megapixel Sensor with a 27mm*21.6mm surface area. This is a particularly large monochrome sensor, and is ideal for use with various filters to capture the most beautiful kinds of astronomical images. It is fully expected to possess a similar or higher Quantum Efficiency than QHY's 8300.

The QHY KF16200 is a part of QHY's new "A" series, or "All in One" series. It includes a built-in motor driven filter wheel and it natively supports the QHYOAG, which it is bundled with. The OAG can be installed on the camera solidly with six screws at minimum back focus, precious for some optical systems. The filter wheel that is integrated into the QHY KF16200 is a five position 2" filter wheel. And this fine filter wheel and Off Axis Guider are not the only things worth boasting about when it comes to this Camera! An internal USBHUB(2.0) provides two USB host ports and a USB to dual RS232 converter. A guiding camera, mount, and electric focuser could all be connected directly to this Camera instead of the computer to reduce cable clutter and chance of signal loss due to the long cables. Also built into the Camera is a two stage TEC cooling system that works quite well, enabling cooling up to forty degrees below the ambient temperature.

The QHY 16200 makes use of a special mechanical shutter in the shape of a butterfly, which is driven directly by the motor all in one piece, with absolutely no friction with other parts of the Camera. This is conducive towards a long working life for the shutter without major issues arising. This splendid shutter has two sides to cover the light; one for opening the shutter and the other for closing it. Its illumination is uniform.

Of note is that the Back Focus is altered by the OAG- the mechanical size and the optic path are not the same thing. The base back focus without the OAG is 33.5mm. The OAG adds a further 13mm of Back focus for a total Back Focus of 46.5mm.

This camera uses 12V current for power, and has a single power socket. The power socket is threaded to connect to DC plugs firmly. There is another socket which is connected to the input in parallel. It can supply a 12V current to another device nearby.

This product is in the beta-testing stage; information is subject to change as Beta Testing results come in from QHY.

Manufacturer Product Number: QHY16200A

Vendor Number: 100045



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