PrimaLuceLab GIOTTO 185 Smart Flat Field Generator

Brand: PrimaLuceLab


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  • Even illumination for accurate flat field calibration
  • Fits telescopes up to 185mm in diameter
  • Adjustable light intensity: 100 levels
  • Control via built-in WiFi or USB-C
  • Requires 12v power source

Product Details

  • Photograph flat field calibration photos with the PrimaLuceLab GIOTTO 185 Smart Flat Field Generator. A bank of dimmable LED lights mounted behind a specially-designed diffuser allows for a perfectly flat field of sun-like light for optimal camera calibration files.

    PrimaLuceLab GIOTTO 185mm Smart Flat Field Generator

    PrimaLuceLab GIOTTO 185 Flat Field Generator Features


    The GIOTTO series of flat field generators gives astrophotographers a perfectly uniform, flat color field. The flat field generated by these devices is similar in color to the sun, which is ideal for telescope and camera calibration purposes. Choose from 100 levels of brightness via USB-C or the built-in WiFi with the PrimaLuceLab GIOTTO 185mm. (There's no need for an external WiFi adapter.)

    You can adjust the the flat field generator's 100 levels of brightness from your smartphone or from your PC with the use of an ASCOM driver or the PLAY app for Windows. All GIOTTO flat field generators are powered by 12v DC power.


    GIOTTO 185 Dimensions


    GIOTTO 185 USB-C Port and 12v Power

    USB-C and 12v Power Connections


    GIOTTO 185 Smart Flat Field Generator

    This flat field generator is suitable for use on telescopes with an aperture of up to 185mm. For example, the PrimaLuceLab GIOTTO 185 is a great choice for telescopes in the 6" to 8" range. The flat field generator's thumbscrews allow for quick mounting on telescopes with a 147mm to 210mm outer diameter.

    While it may fit your scope, you want to make sure that the flat field generator's field will extend past your telescope's optics. If your telescope's external diameter is close to 185mm, you may want to consider upgrading to the GIOTTO 220. This is recommended because the diameter of the illuminated field flattener should be larger than the diameter of your telescope's external tube for optimal results.

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