PrimaLuceLab ECCO2 Environmental Computerized Controller for EAGLE

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  • Easily and automatically control your dew heaters during your long-exposure astrophotography sessions!
  • Continuously monitors the temperature, humidity, and pressure around your telescope and the temperature of your optics
  • Compatible with EAGLE2, EAGLE3, and EAGLE4

Product Details

  • PrimaLuceLab ECCO2

    This is an example of a set-up using the ECCO2. Telescope and other accessories excluding the ECCO2 pictured above not included

    The ECCO2 is the Environmental Computerized Controller for the EAGLE that provides automation the management of dew heaters during your long-exposure astrophotography sessions. Another fun fact for the name ECCO - in Italian, it means "There you go!", pointing to the device's overall ease of use and installation. Adding this module to your EAGLE will continuously monitor the temperature, pressure, and humidity around your telescope while checking the temperature of your lenses by calculating the dew point (temperature below which dew condenses). The benefit of this is that it will vary the heating of dew heaters connected to the dew heater ports of the EAGLE, therefore avoiding condensation on your optics. Its three 0-12V adjustable voltage power supply ports allow you to connect your dew heaters without an additional external controller. By using the EAGLE Manager software, you will be able to activate these ports and manually adjust the voltage to activate the appropriate dew heater.

    Installation of this module is super easy as well - simply connect it to the EAGLE's USB port and press ECCO button in the EAGLE Manager! It can be installed on any Vixen-style finder shoe on all telescopes. This second generation of the ECCO comes with a USB-C port, added pressure sensor, SMART control of temperature probes (automatically detects uncalibrated or wrongly connected temperature probes), and DARK mode (disables the LED light). You will also receive an ASCOM driver to control your ECCO2 with third party software and from standard Windows 10 computers as an external monitor. It is compatible with EAGLE2, EAGLE3, and EAGLE4.

    The ECCO2 is made entirely of 6061 T6 aluminum and produced using CNC machines, increasing its strength and durability without making it too heavy (weighs only 75 grams!) You can use it as a finder support by adding the optional "guide scope support for ECCO (sold separately). Simply install your optical finder or guide scope above the ECCO2 instead of using guide rings. It's the perfect solution for compact, portable telescopes!

    Guide Scope pictured below sold separately

  • specifications

    Power TypeUSB
  • included items

    • ECCO2
    • Adapter for Vixen-style finder shoe
    • Two temperature probes
    • USB Type C Cable - 47" in length
    • Quick Guide

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