PrimaLuceLab EAGLE LE Telescope Control Unit

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  • Single control unit with a powerful Windows 10 Enterprise computer
  • Quick SSD storage
  • 8-Port USB Hub
  • Advanced power distribution system for all of your imaging accessories with 7 12V power out ports
  • Controlled via the included EAGLE Manager software
  • Housed in a beautiful rigid aluminum case designed with our flexible PLUS mounting system
  • Allows you to perfectly connect the EAGLE to any telescope

Product Details

  • Experience a Professional Telescope Control System with the EAGLE LE

    Forget having to connect your telescope to a laptop or desktop computer with lengthy cables and big batteries. With the EAGLE LE you will spend less time setting up your equipment and more time imaging!

    In a single control unit you have a Windows 10 Enterprise computer, fast SSD storage, eight USB ports, an advanced power distribution system for all of your imaging accessories with 7 power out ports, a special WiFi system to remotely control the telescope from any smartphone, tablet or external computer (with Windows, macOS, iOS or Android operative systems) and DARK mode to disable all of the LED lights. Everything is controlled via the included EAGLE Manager software and housed in a beautiful rigid aluminum case designed with our flexible PLUS mounting system, allowing you to perfectly connect the EAGLE LE to any telescope.


    Power Units and Cables

    In order to make the EAGLE system more efficient, PrimaLuceLab has made special power cables for different devices like mounts or cameras (sold separately). The EAGLE-compatible power cables have an instrument power jack (for 12V power) on one end, and the EAGLE screw-in connector on the other in order to prevent power cables from being disconnected accidentally from the EAGLE.

    Thanks to the EAGLE, you will have a single power cable going from your battery or AC power plug to the EAGLE. In the EAGLE box you will already find a 12V cigarette plug power cable (certified for total current up to 16A). Other optional power cables with other connectors (like Anderson or banana plugs) or AC adapters (with 5A or 12A max) are available.

    Install Any Astrophotography Software

    The EAGLE LE eliminates the need for an external computer and you are not limited to a preset list of features - You can install whatever software and device you want to use on the EAGLE. The Windows 10 Enterprise operating system is 100% Windows 10 compatible but is lighter-weight and more stable than traditional PCs that use Windows 10 Home or other OEM versions that come preinstalled with useless bloatware. PrimaLuceLab has optimized the Windows 10 Enterprise installation on the EAGLE to be a faster operating system (the EAGLE is ready to use just 20 seconds after pressing the ON button) and to maintain better stability during your astrophotography sessions. EAGLE LE uses an Intel Core i5-8365U Quad-core, turbo 4.1 GHz, and 16 GB fast DDR4 RAM memory - both designed for low power consumption. This way you have the power you need to run any astrophotography software with a device that’s easy on your battery, improving overall portability.

    Telescope Control: the EAGLE Manager

    EAGLE comes with the "EAGLE Manager" software that, when you start EAGLE and with an easy and intuitive interface, shows devices connection status, power consumption of every device connected, power voltage value and, if you use a battery, its expected lifetime based on its charge. Thanks to  the EAGLE Manager:

    • Enable/Disable every 12V power out port
    • Set the power out voltage of the 3 x 0-12V power out ports
    • Connect or disconnect devices connected to the 5 USB 2.0 ports:
    • Check power consumption and battery lifetime
    • Set WiFi connectivity
    • Remotely turn on/off the entire telescope

    Integrated WIFI System

    To operate the EAGLE LE, you don't need a keyboard and mouse; you can control the EAGLE through a free dedicated app, available on any smartphone, tablet or personal computer running Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android. Turn the EAGLE on, then enable your device's WiFi connection and select the WiFi network provided by the EAGLE. Launch the remote control app and you will have EAGLE desktop on your screen with access to all your astrophotography software. If you like, you can also configure the EAGLE to connect to a pre-existing WiFi or wired/ethernet network allowing remote access via the internet - perfect for remote observatories! Since the EAGLE doesn't use VNC or other software for remote control, it's faster and more stable. For your safety each EAGLE device creates a unique WiFi network, from any other EAGLE that might be nearby. To avoid any other issues at a star party, every EAGLE also has a unique access password known only by you.

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  • included items

    • PrimaLuceLab EAGLE LE Telescope Control Unit
    • 2 WiFi Antennas
    • 12V Power Cable with Cigarette Plug for EAGLE - 250cm
    • Various screws
    • Quick Guide

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