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PlaneWave .66x Reducer for CDK20 and CDK24

Brand: Planewave

SKU : PI-200166

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Product Details

  • PlaneWave Instruments - .66x Reducer for CDK20 and CDK24

    This is a reducer designed specifically for flat field telescopes like the CDK. This reduces the f ratio of the CDK telescope 66%. The f/6.8 telescopes will be reduced to about f/4.5 and the f/8 telescope down to f/5.3. There are two different models, one for the CDK12.5, CDK14, and CDK17; and one for the CDK20 and CDK24. Though these are optically identical, they are mechanically different.  PlaneWave Instruments Product Number: 200166
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    Warranty2 Year Warranty

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