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PlaneWave 14-Inch CDK F/7.2 OTA Telescope with Fused Silica Optics

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  • Aperture: 14"
  • Back Focus: 282mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/7.2
  • Weight: 48lbs.


PlaneWave 14-Inch CDK F/7.2 OTA Telescope with Fused Silica Optics

If you looking for optimal performance, then look no further. The Planewave 14" CDK has an impressive image circle of 70mm that is completely flat and free from any coma or astigmatism. With an optical performance of 3.1 microns at 13mm off-axis and 6 microns at 35mm off-axis, your stars will be pinpoint sharp.

The 14" CDK takes advantage of the durable, lightweight, temperature stable properties of carbon fiber; combined with truss design flexure this shortens the cooling time and minimizes thermal expansion which reduces focus shift. The open truss design also keeps the weight low - resulting in a 48-pound optical tube.

Three cooling fans blow air inside the back of the telescope. Internal diverting fins circulate air flow behind the mirror for even cooling to help the telescope reach thermal equilibrium quickly.

Add the optional EFA kit to control your fans via computer and don't forget the optional Delta T controller. Your PlaneWave Corrected Dall Kirkham telescope is already internally wired with polyimide film heater pads and a temperature sensor to prevent dew.


Aperture356 mm (14")
Back Focus282mm
Back Focus65mm
Camera/Eyepiece Connection3.5" SecureFit
Dawes Limit0.33 arcseconds
Focal Length2563 mm
Focal Ratiof/7.2
Glass TypeFuse Sillica
Image Circle Diameter70mm
Limiting Magnitude16.5
Optical DesignCorrected Dall Kirkham
RMS Spot Size6 microns
Tube Diameter468.3mm
Tube Length889mm
Tube Weight48 lbs