Peterson EyeOpener III - Meade SCT to 2-inch Adapter

Brand: Peterson


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Product Details

  • Peterson EyeOpener III

    The EyeOpener directly accepts a 2" diagonal, 2" eyepiece, 2" tube-end focusers and any other 2" tube used in an optical train. It threads onto a 3-1/4" male thread found on the backplate of 10", 12" and 14" Meade SCTs. scopes, providing a full 2" unrestricted optical path.

    Visual observer: 2" eyepieces are "where it's at" for widest field of view. This 3rd generation EyeOpener enhances the performance of long focal length 2" eyepieces on Meade 10”, 12" and 14” SCTs by increasing the optical path size from 1 1/2" to 2". Get all of the eyepiece aperture that you paid for and enjoy the full benefit of 2" eyepieces.Imaging: With all but the smallest (oldest) chips, all SCT camera setups suffer from vignetting (darkness at the corners of the image). Increasing your scope's optical path from 1 1/2" to 2" in diameter is almost mandatory for today's imagers.Meade 14-inch LX200ACF note: Baffles in 14" scopes manufactured prior to late 2008 reduce the maximum optical path to 1.75" diameter, but the EyeOpener will still significantly increase your light throughput by 31%. In a late 2008 redesign  the baffle tube is secured with a threaded notched ring. Most newer scopes have a full 2" optical path but some of the first revision production constricts the optical path to a very restrictive 1½ inches. If you own the revision with the full 2" optical path, congratulations. If you own the revision with the baffles restricting the ID to 1½", the addition of an EyeOpener will not increase the light throughput or the actual field of view of your telescope.


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