Pentax XW 7mm 70° Telescope Eyepiece - 1.25"

Brand: Pentax


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Product Details

  • The 7mm XW, 1.25" Pentax Eyepiece, like each eyepiece in its series, the XW 7 eyepiece is designed specifically to provide ideal ground and astronomical observations with a telescope

    Key Features

    70° Apparent Field of View & 20mm Eye Relief

    All smc PENTAX XW-series eyepieces feature an extra-wide 70-degree apparent angle of view and an extra-long 20mm eye relief to deliver an exciting, wide-perspective image. If you look at the similuation to the left, you will notice that the images have the same magnification, but the Pentax XW eyepiece has an increase viewing area.

    Pentax XW 20mm eyepiece Apparent field of View Simulation

    Pentax XW 20mm Field of View

    Standar Plossl 20mm eyepiece Apparent field of View Simulation

    20mm Plossl Field of View

    *Simulation based on 8" f/10 SCT

    Pentax XW Optical Coatings

    High-Grade Optics

    The high-performance XW-series optics incorporates high-refraction, extra-low-dispersion lanthanum glass elements to produce a well-balanced image with minimal aberrations. These eyepieces were designed to reduce the disturbing blackout effect by compensating the spherical aberration of the pupil.

    All lens surfaces that come in contact with air are treated with the original multi-layer coating, while all laminated surfaces are treated with the innovative partial coating, to offer the light transmission efficiency of more than 90 percent (an astonishing 96 percent at 550nm) over the visible light spectrum.

    Weatherproof Construction

    The XW series features JIS Class 4 weatherproof construction,* making it possible to use it in drizzle or under night dew.

    * The XW-series eyepieces are not designed for underwater use and should not be submerged under water.

    Pentax XW Weather Proof Eyepiece
  • specifications

    Eye Relief20mm
    Eyepiece Diameter61mm
    Eyepiece Length120mm
    Eyepiece TypeFixed
    Field of View70 Degrees
    Focal Length7mm

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