Pegasus Astro Uranus Meteo Sensor

Brand: Pegasus Astro


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  • Measure and record 10+ unique sets of data.
  • Use independently, or connects to your PC
  • Red film display for night viewing
  • Connect via built-in USB C and a NMEA 6C6P socket
  • Requires 12v power source

Product Details

  • The Pegasus Astro Uranus Meteo Sensor is a pocket-sized device that provides valuable data about your favorite start gazing location's weather, including ambient temperature, humidity, air pressure, cloud coverage, cloud height, twilight time, astronomical daw, and the night sky brightness.

    Pegasus Astro Uranus Meteo On Screen Display Menus

    Pegasus Astro Uranus Meteo Sensor


    Quickly an easily monitor weather sensor readings on this battery-powered device. All sensors are accessible via the night-vision-friendly red film display. Navigate between the 10+ unique points of data collected via two buttons:

    • Ambient Temperature (°C or °F)
    • Relative Humidity %
    • Dew Point (°C or °F)
    • Absolute Atmospheric Pressure – Sea Level Pressure (hPa)
    • Relative Atmospheric Pressure (hPa)
    • Barometric and GPS (precise) Altitude (m or ft.)
    • Cloud Coverage % (Cloud Index)
    • Cloud Temperature
    • Cloud Height
    • Visual Sky Brightness (MPSAS, NELM and Bortle Scale)
    • Moon Phases
    • Astronomical Sunrise & Twilight Time based on GPS coords


    Store up to 1000 measurments on the device's built-in memory, and transfer them to your PC for archival at your convenience. The Uranus Meteo sensor is also fully compatible with ASCOM 6, allowing you to make live use of the collected data in your PC-based imaging workflow. The Unity Platform makes keeping a historic record of measurement easy, and viewing them a pleasurable experience. The Uranus Meteo offers 1-second resultion for all measurements.

    Pegasus Astro Uranus Meteo Unity Map

    Uranus Meteo sensor readings and map in Unity

    Pegasus Astro Uranus Meteo Unity

    Uranus Meteo sensor history in the unity platform

    Pegasus Astro Uranus Meteo Features and Specs

    • Size: 93 x 55 x 24 mm
    • Weight: 120 grams
    • Battery: NiMH 600mA rechargeable
    • Communication: USB type C socket (also for battery charging)
    • GPS Output: NMEA 6C6P socket (10Micron pinout compatible)
    • Buttons: 2 buttons on top
    • Reset Button: On the side of the device
    • Power Consumption: 3.3V / 60mA during operation, 10μA during sleep
    • Temperature Sensor: -40 to 85°C, Accuracy +- 0.5° C
    • Humidity Sensor: 0 % to 100 % , +-3 % Relative Humidity
    • Cloud Sensor: IR Sensor 60° wide
    • Light Sensor: Digital CMOS integrated circuit. Measures visible plus infrared light. 600M:1 Dynamic Range
    • GPS Module: High sensitivity GNSS Module with 88 Channels, Ultra-Low Consumption Fast Positioning
    • Pressure Sensor: 300 to 1100 hPa
    • Operating Temperature: -40° to + 60 °C
    • Operation: Fully Digital
  • specifications

    Absolute Atmospheric PressurehPa
    AltitudeGPS & Barometric
    Ambient Temperature°C or °F
    Astronomical Sunrise & Twilight TimeGPS Based
    Cloud Coverage% Cloud Index
    Cloud Heightm or ft.
    Cloud Temperature°C or °F
    Dew Point°C or °F
    Moon PhasesYes
    Relative Atmospheric PressurehPa
    Relative Humidity0% to 100%
    Sea Level PressurehPa
    Visual Sky BrightnessMPSAS/NELM/Bortle Scale
    Weight.25 lbs
  • included items

    • Pegasus Astro Uranus Meteo
    • USB C cable

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