Pegasus Astro Indigo OAG

Brand: Pegasus Astro


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  • The thin and solid design can easily bond with Pegasus Astro's Indigo Filter Wheel
  • The OAG supports through holes (M2 and M3) in its body for direct connection with the latest CMOS cameras and other Filter Wheels
  • The main advantage of having an OAG is that it uses the same optical path as your primary imaging camera; avoiding any issue with differential flexure that can occur when using a separate guide scope on top of your main telescope

Product Details

  • Large Size

    The Indigo OAG supports the 62mm through hole pattern for direct connection with latest CMOS cameras and Filter Wheels. The guiding camera connection is a 1.25” barrel. The orientation of the image train framing can be achieved by the 3 screws that allow telescope adapters to slide inside the slots.

    Solid Design for Heavy Load of Imaging Gear

    The thickness is 10mm and the design is solid enough to support heavy imaging equipment. The clear aperture is 53.5mm.

    Indigo OAG + Telescope Adapters (both included). You can use both adapters to create a standalone OAG.

    Indigo Filter Wheel Combination

    The Indigo OAG can be directly mounted onto the Indigo Filter Wheel. A combination of both products sums 19mm + 14mm (33mm total) of back-focus optical distance.

    Indigo Filter Wheel and OAG direct mount combination

    Telescope Connection

    Mechanical Design


    Thin Design

    The Indigo OAG has a very thin design. Its back focus is 10mm + 4mm of the telescope adapter. 14mm in total. The OAG is CNC made of airplane 6061 aluminum alloy which ensures a lightweight and solid piece of equipment.

    Adjustable Prism

    The prism height can be easily adjusted to allow better illumination of the field of view of the guiding camera. If your imaging camera sensor is large, the prism can be moved (and secured with set screws) upwards to disallow blockage of the sensor’s optical path.

    Large Mirror

    A 12×8 mm fully multicoated & anti-reflection mirror offers high illumination to your guiding camera. Stars are round and bright across the OAG ‘s field.

  • specifications

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  • included items

    • OAG
    • M54F threaded adapter for telescope connection (adds a thickness of 4mm)
    • M48F threaded adapter for camera connection (adds a thickness of 4mm)

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