Pegasus Astro FlatMaster 250L

Brand: Pegasus Astro


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  • Easily dimmable LED flatfield panel that produces beautiful flat field frames for astrophotography
  • Comes with a manual push button that has 5 brightness levels
  • Compatible with most popular imaging software, such as SGPro, APT Voyager, and N.I.N.A

Product Details

  • Pegasus Astro FlatMaster 250L

    This is the updated version of the Pegasus Astro FlatMaster 250L: bigger, slimline, flatfield panel. It provides a uniform source of illumination for up to 10-inch telescopes and produces high-quality flat field frames for astrophotography and photometric captures.

    Dimmable Panel

    Unlike other panels in the market, the FlatMaster can adjust its brightness from 0 to 100%. Forget sheets of paper between your telescope and the panel. Remote control the brightness of your panel. Store the brightness per filter and immediately retrieve the value you need.

    The Flatmaster 250L can go up to very high brightness levels so it can easily support short exposures (2-3 seconds at f/7) with 3nm narrowband imaging filters.

    Manual Button

    The FlatMaster has a small push button that sets different gradual levels of brightness. In case you would like to manually operate the FlatMaster, no problem, just click the push button to control the brightness.

    One cable operation

    Only one cable (USB) is required to provide power and control of your flatpanel.

    Unity Platform Support

    Unity Platform allows you to set filter names and store / retrieve brightness levels of your FlatMaster panel.

    ASCOM and INDI support

    FlatMaster 250 supports the latest ASCOM and INDI framework.

    Technical Specs

    • Type - Led Light Panel (White)
    • Dimmable - Yes (0-100%)
    • Manual Push Buttons - On each click applies a different brightness level
    • Material - Strong black ABS plastic
    • Usable Diameter of Circle - 250mm / 10 inches
    • Power Requirements - 5V DC provided by USB mini cable (500mA max)
    • Size - Diameter 250 mm x 8 mm thickness
    • Weight - 840g (1.85 lbs)
  • included items

    • FlatMaster 250L (suitable for any telescope with apperture up to 250mm or 10 inches)
    • Cable USB2 Type B 1.8m

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