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Pegasus Astro FlatMaster 150


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  • Easily dimmable electroluminescent panel that produces beautiful flat field frames for astrophotography
  • Comes with a manual push button that has 5 brightness levels
  • Compatible with most popular imaging software, such as SGPro, APT, and Voyager

Product Details

  • Pegasus Astro FlatMaster 150

    The FlatMaster 150 from Pegasus Astro is their newest iteration of flatfield electroluminescent panels, providing a consistent source of illumination up to 150mm. It is the perfect gizmo for producing high quality flat field frames for astrophotography and photometric captures.

    This EL panel is easily dimmable, so you can forget using sheets of paper between your telescope and the panel for adjusting the panel's brightness! You can control the EL lamp of your panel, store the brightness per filter, and instantly retrieve the value you need.

    The FlatMaster 150 is also equipped with a small, manual push button that will set 5 different levels of brightness. This is in case you wish to manually operate the FlatMaster, rather than using the provided controls.

    Only one USB-B cable is needed to provide power and control over your panel. You will also receive a convenient carry bag to bring your FlatMaster 150 with you on your dark night sky journeys. 

    The FlatMaster 150 has standalone software that allows you to set filter names and store / retrieve brightness levels of your EL panel. This panel is supported by most popular imaging software, such as SGPro (Sequence Generator Pro), APT, and Voyager.

    Technical Specs
    • Type - Electroluminescent Panel (White)
    • Dimmable - Yes (0-100%)
    • Manual Push Buttons - 5 Brightness Levels
    • Material - Durable black ABS plastic
    • Usable Diameter of Circle - 150 mm / 5.9"
    • Power Requirements - 5V DC provided by included USB cable
    • Size - Diameter 250 mm x 8 mm thickness
    • Weight - 350g (0.77 lbs)
  • included items

    • FlatMaster 150
    • USB2 Type B Cable (1.8m)
    • Carry Bag

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