Pegasus Astro DewMaster 5 Channel Digital Dew Heater Controller

Brand: Pegasus Astro


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  • Compact and easy to use
  • Reverse polarity protection for peace of mind
  • Fully digital operation
  • Perfect for keeping all dew off of your scopes

Product Details

  • The Pegasus Astro DewMaster is designed with the avid visual astronomer in mind. With this, you are able to connect up to five dew heaters and control them individually using the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) duty cycle. The PWM is perfect for regulating and reducing your battery's power consumption.

    The DewMaster supports five channels and has five RCA outputs for any heater attachments, ensuring that your dew heaters will be properly powered and controlled. Take advantage of the LED display to control all of this with ease. The LED display is also covered using red film to protect your eyes and maintain your dark-adapted vision. 

    On top of it all, the DewMaster was designed to protect from reverse voltage polarity in case of any mishaps out in the field!

    External Environment Sensor

    External one (1) meter high resolution temperature & relative humidity calibrated sensor. Know exactly the environment conditions of your location. The sensor can be auto combined with the dew heater outlets to automatically handle the power levels. Leave to the DewMaster decide if it is time to turn on your heating elements! You can also monitor the readings of temperature, humidity and dew point in the display screen.

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    • Pegasus Astro DewMaster 5 Channel Digital Dew Heater Controller
    • External Environment Sensor

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