TPO 2" SCT Focuser - Crayford Dual Speed

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  • TPO 2" SCT Focuser - Crayford Dual Speed

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    • Designed for Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes to fit all standard SCT rear threads.
    • The TPO 2 inch Dual Speed SCT Crayford Rear Focuser is custom machined from aluminum and black anodized for good looks and durability.
    • 1:10 speeds work for visual applications through astrophotography and rotates a full 360 degrees.
    • The TPO 2 inch Dual Speed SCT Crayford Rear Focuser permits use of 2 inch accessories.
    • Includes 1.25 inch adapter.

    TPO 2" SCT Focuser - Crayford Dual Speed

    Do you use a Schmidt Cassegrain telescope? If so, you may have encountered a common problem known as image shift - or difficulty achieving perfect focus. Oceanside Photo and Telescope is here to help with the TPO Dual Speed SCT Crayford Focuser.

    In order to pass savings along to our customers, TPO engages the services of a leading manufacturer to custom CNC machine these speciality 2 inch Dual Speed Crayford Focusers meant specifically for the Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope. Aluminum means lightweight, and from there they are then black anodized for good looks and durability. These focusers are designed to fit almost every model SCT - including Meade and Celestron - and are compatible with any standard SCT thread. If you're unsure of the fit, just check your telescope's rear cell for an approximate 2 inch diameter male thread, or contact our experts to insure a perfect match.

    Inside the TPO 1:10 Dual Speed SCT Crayford Focuser, you'll find anti-reflection baffles and coatings to keep any stray light to a minimum and provide the best contrast possible. Precision roller bearings incorporated into the tube design allow for smooth functioning on the roller shaft and the black anodized barrel is laser-etched with a millimeter scale to give you 100% precise callibration markings. The focusers stops where you want it to... and stays put. The TPO 1:10 Dual Speed SCT Crayford Focuser will also allow up to 1 inch of focus travel, too!

    There's no harsh aluminum screws here to scratch eyepiece barrels. The TPO 1:10 Dual Speed SCT Crayford Focuser uses only brass compression ring fittings that gently cradle your prized eyepieces or 2 inch star diagonals with a secure fit that you'd expect from high quality. As an added bonus, we've included a 1.25 inch to 2 inch adapter, too... So all of your accessories are good right out of the box!

    TPO 2 inch Dual Speed SCT Crayford Focuser Features
    • Minimum focuser height without 1.25 inch adapter: 4.29 inches or 109mm.
    • Minimum focuser height with 1.25 inch adapter: 5.28 inches or 134mm.
    • Maximum focuser height without 1.25 inch adapter> 4.88 inches or 124mm.
    • Tube Travel Length: 0.99 inches or 25mm
    • Focuser Weight (including 1.25 inch adapter): 1lb-10.5oz or 751gm
    • Diameter of Focus Knob: 1.57 inches or 40mm
    • Diameter of Microfocus Knob: 1.02 inch or 26mm
    • Outer Barrel Diameter: 3.3 inches or 84mm
    • Standard SCT Female Thread
    • Calibrated Millimeter Markings on Focuser Outer Tube
    • 360 Degree Fully Rotatable
    • Dust Plug Included

    Additional Information

    Accessory TypeFocusers
    Focuser DesignCrayford
    Focusing SpeedsTwo Speed
    Free ShippingYes
    Warranty2 Year Warranty

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    Questions & Answers

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    • I have a Celestron 9.25 SCT, not an Edge HD, but the original kind. Can I put a focal reducer on first, and then the focuser? Can I obtain a focus with that kind of setup?

      The back focus for a standard f/6.3 reducer is 105mm, and this focuser takes up ~75mm of back focus at minimum, so as long as your camera has a back focus less than 25mm (to leave 5mm for outward focus motion) this setup will work. it will not be possible

    • What are the dimensions? Primarily the barrel diameter.

      The Barrel of The TPO SCT Focuser is 2" Inside diameter

    • What are the dimensions? Primarily the barrel diameter.

      The focuser dimensions are ~138mm wide (at the focuser knobs), ~98mm long (SCT thread to 1.25" adapter) and 117mm tall (top rotator lock screw to bottom focuser lock and tension screws) when fully retracted. This accepts both 2" and 1.25" accessories and

    • Hello!! I have a Meade LX90 8"ACF telescope. Can I use the OPT "2 SCT focuser - Crayfor Dual Speed in it. Thanks Joaquin Gonzalez H

      Yes, The TPO 2" Crayford Focuser will work with Meade LX90 8"

    • Hi, hope you´re doing great Mi name is Emilio Mora and I practice direct focus Astrophotography with a Celeron EGDE HD 8. I have a Focal Reducer 0.7 for the EDGE HD, a T-Adapter and a DSLR modified Canon T3. Will I stumble on any focus problem with thi

      Unfortunately, this focuser will not work with the focal reducer or Edge T adapter due to the limited back focus of that optical configuration. There is not enough room to fit this focuser and your camera in the 105mm available between the focal reducer

    • Is there a special optional GPS recommended for the Celestron CGE Pro telescope mount? Part Number? Price?

      Yes, there is a GPS option for the CGE Pro Mount. It can be seen here:

    • Will this work with the 10" LX200 Classic? the threads on the back of the OTA are 3 1/4"

      This focuser will work with your scope, but only if you use the 3.27" to 2" SCT thread stepdown adapter that came with your scope. The thread on the scope side of this focuser is a 2" SCT thread.

    • Hi, How to attach to this Focuser TPO 2" SCT Quartz Dielectric Diagonal (OS-D2SCTDIQ). Instead of the 2" adapter on the thread?

      If you have that particular TPO SCT thread diagonal, you will need to add an OS-A2T. If you unthread the SCT adapter from the diagonal but leave on the large knurled ring, you expose a 42mm T-thread. You can then thread the 2" nosepiece into the T threa

    • Hi, Can this focuser be used on a Skywatcher MAK 180? Thanks

      Not directly, but if you have a Mak to SCT thread adapter on the back of your scope, this will fit onto the adapter. We do not have a current source for these adapters, but vendors such as ScopeStuff sell them for ~$30.

    • Will this work on a Meade 2120?

      Yes, This focuser uses the standard SCT Thread to attach to the telescope. The Meade 2120 has the same thread.

    • What is the range of the focal length extension?

      The TPO SCT focuser has a focus travel of 25mm

    • Good morning! Will this focuser work with the Meade LX90 12" ACF? If so. Will the Focuser help balance out the ota? Being a 12" SCT the corrector plate Is huge! My scope tends to be front heavy due to the "Titanic" size CP. Thanks.

      Yes, this focuser will work on the 12" LX90 connected to the 2" visual back adapter. It will push the diagonal and eyepieces ~4" back from the normal position, which should help with balancing.

    • Will this crayford install on a vintage Celestron C-5A by itself or with adapters? Thank you for your help;. chuck

      Hi Chuck, Unfortunately, It won't work with the focuser because there is not enough room between the edge of the focuser and the focusing knob. Even if it did fit, there may not be enough back focus on the scope.

    • Hi! I have SW MAK150. Will this focuser work with the SW MAK150?

      The Skywatcher MAK 150 has the standard SCT threads. The TPO focuser also uses the SCT thread. This focuser will work with the 150 MAK

    • Is this focuser compatable with the Skywatcher 180mm Maksutov cassegrain, and if so is an adapter needed to attach it to the visual back?

      This will not work, unfortunately. Orion used to make an adapter that bridged the gap, but you would need to consult with a machinist as there have been recent changes to the back end of the 180mm Maks and there are currently no off-the-shelf adapters th

    • Does this include the 12 volt AC adapter?

      Yes, the AC adapter is included with this mount, as is the 12V DC adapter.

    • Good afternoon! Will cost how many delivery to St. Petersburg? (Russia)

      To find out the shipping for international orders, please add the item to your cart, select the cart at upper right of the page, enter your country and postal code info into the shipping calculator and then click where it says "Estimate". The cost will v

    • Hello can I use this focuser withe celestron nextar 8se? Thanks

      Yes we tested the focuser on that scope and it fits.

    • I have a Celestron Edge HD 11 that I normally use with a 2” diagonal attached to the visual back and then the camera (Canon 6D) attached to the diagonal. Will this focuser work with this arrangement and where should I put it? Before or after the diagonal?

      You will have to remove the diagonal and then slide the Canon 6D into the focuser using a 2" T adapter.

    • My SCT is a Celestron NexStar GPS, C11. The rear visual back has a treaded opening 3.25" OD, and 2" ID.How can I interface the crayford focuser?

      Hello, Do you have the step down adapter that came with the telescope? The crayford will thread onto that. Hope this helps.

    • how much weight can this take? I have an SBIG 8300 with a 5 position filter wheel and a auto guider, when we add the drag of connections and I am around 8-10 lb

      Unfortunately, 8-10 lbs is too much load for a focuser like this. You would need to either consider a focuser from Optec or Starlight-Instruments (Feathertouch) or theading the imaging system directly to the back of the scope with an appropriate adapter

    • I'm curious if this essentially replaces the visual back or if I'd also need a new visual back to run 2" optics/eyepieces in my 8" Edge HD. Thanks,

      Yes, this essentially replaces the scope's visual back, and you can then use a standard refractor-type 2" diagonal for visual use.

    • Hi, Can this focuser be used on a Orion 180 MK? Thanks

      Not without an adapter, most likely. Orion gives no information of the rear thread size on this scope, but it is not guaranteed to be 2.00"-24 threads per inch. If you have an adapter that accepts most standard SCT threaded accessories, then this focuse

    • Will this fit Celestron C6A and allow a standard T fitting and DSLR to reach focus, or with a 6.3 reducer, or a Barlow? I would assume this is used in conjunction with the standard SCT mirror focus to achieve rough focus, and then the Crayford for fine fo

      This will fit on a C6A, but it will not allow an SCT T-adapter to be used. You will need a 2" to T adapter like the OS-A2T. If you use a focal reducer, it will have to attach between the telescope and the focuser, and you will change the reduction and c

    • Hi. Will this work with the tube of a Meade StarNavigator NG 125 Mak, or will I need an adaptor? Thanks

      This focuser will not fit, and even if you added an adapter it would likely not reach focus with a diagonal because it is so long. It is really designed for 8" and larger SCT scopes.

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