Orion Zero Profile Prime Focus 2-inch Adapter

Brand: Orion

SKU : OR-05308

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Product Details

  • The Orion Zero Profile Prime Focus 2-Inch Adapter:couples your camera to a telescope for prime-focus astrophotography. The zero-profile design provides the closest possible in-travel for cameras in any 2-inch telescope focuser. 

    Why:  Many prime focus camera adapters for use with astrophotography telescopes have housings which can add distance between your imaging camera and the focal plane. This can make it difficult to achieve focus with certain astrophotography camera and telescope combinations. Not so with the Orion 2-Inch Zero-Profile Prime Focus Camera Adapter.


    This handy adapter threads directly into the T-ring (sold separately) for your single lens reflex/digital single lens reflex (SLR/DSLR) camera body and is also threaded for 2-inch telescope filters. The Orion Zero Profile Camera Adapter fits 2-inch telescope focusers on refractor and reflector telescopes. This extremely versatile astrophotography accessory will help you capture images with telescopes equipped with 2-inch focusers.

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