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Orion Three-Fan Cooling System for Convex-Back Dobsonians

SKU : OR-07818

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  • Three-Fan Cooling System
  • Quiet Fans Operate Without Vibrations
  • Reduces Time to Reach Thermal Equilibrium
  • Fits Orion XX14i IntelliScope, XX14g GoTo, and XX16g GoTo Dobsonian Primary Mirror Cells
  • Enjoy Optimized Visual Performance Quickly
  • Each Fan creates 33.4 CFM Air Flow 


Product Details

  • Orion's time-saving cooling system features three fans which have been custom designed to fit the Orion XX14i IntelliScope, XX14g GoTo, and XX16g GoTo Dobsonian primary mirror cells. All three small fans work in tandem to help reduce the amount of time needed for the telescope to reach thermal equilibrium with the ambient air temperature of your observing location. You'll enjoy peak performance from your XX14i, XX14g or XX16g GoTo Dobsonian without having to wait as long for the air inside the telescope to cool down to the same temperature as your stargazing site. 

    When using a reflector, especially a large-aperture Dobsonian such as the XX14i, XX14g or XX16g, it is important to let the telescope's primary mirror equilibrate to ambient temperature. Otherwise, your views will be plagued with wavy disturbances caused by turbulent air currents within the tube. Normally, it can take an hour or more for a large aperture reflector optical tube to reach thermal equilibrium with outdoor temperatures when the telescope is moved outside from a climate-controlled house or even a garage or shed. You can significantly speed up the cooling time using the Orion Three-Fan Cooling System for Convex-Back Dobsonians. Spend more time using your telescope and less time waiting for it to cool down!    

    Consisting of three 12-Volt DC, 0.12A fans which are wired in parallel, the Orion Three-Fan Cooling System for Convex-Back Dobsonians features a single 35-inch long power cable splitter for convenient use. Each fan boasts 33.4 CFM (cubic foot per minute) air flow to help significantly accelerate cooling of your Dobsonian telescope's optics. The fans operate quietly without vibrating, and they mount easily in threaded holes on the the XX14i, XX14g, and XX16g primary mirror cell with included hardware. 

    For best results, run the Orion Three-Fan Cooling System prior to using the reflector telescope. You can also use the cooling fans intermittently between observations to compensate for any ambient temperature changes that may occur. Power is supplied using the included battery holder which accepts 8 D-cell user supplied batteries. Since the Three-Fan Cooling System current draw is a low 0.36 Amps, a full battery holder with 8 D-cells will provide over 24 hours of use.


    Manufacturer's Warranty

    Limited Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for one year from date of purchase. This warranty is for the benefit of the original retail purchaser only. 

    Manufacturer's Warning

    Please note this product was not designed or intended by the manufacturer for use by a child 12 years of age or younger.


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