Orion StarShoot Mini 2mp AutoGuider & 30mm Guide Scope

Brand: Orion

SKU : OR-22057

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  • Complete autoguiding setup for short focal length telescopes includes the 30mm Ultra-Mini Guide Scope and StarShoot Mini 2mp Mono AutoGuider
  • The Ultra-Mini Guide Scope's wide field of view pairs perfectly with the StarShoot Mini AutoGuider small pixel and high sensitivity rating for easy guide star acquisition
  • The StarShoot Mini AutoGuider threads directly onto the Ultra-Mini Guide Scope for an extra-secure, flexure-free connection
  • Included dual-ring dovetail bracket fits Orion dovetail finder bases for easy installation on any Orion telescope as well as many other brands
  • At just 10.8 oz., this lightweight combo adds barely any weight to imaging setups

Product Details

  • This complete autoguiding solution includes our ultra compact guide scope and extremely sensitive autoguider camera to give your astrophotography pursuits the added accuracy of precise autoguiding. As the name implies, the Orion StarShoot Mini 2mp AutoGuider & 30mm Ultra-Mini Guide Scope package comes with the highly sensitive StarShoot Mini 2mp Mono AutoGuider and our delightfully compact 30mm Ultra-Mini Guide Scope, all at one low price.

    This compact autoguiding setup is a perfect match for shorter focal-length, optically fast imaging telescopes. The 30mm Ultra-Mini Guide Scope's multi-coated, f/4.3 optics provides a very wide field of view so you'll always have plenty of options when selecting guide stars. The Orion 30mm Ultra-Mini Guide Scope features C-mount threads for secure, flexure-free attachment of the included StarShoot Mini AutoGuider. The front housing of the Ultra-Mini Guide scope doubles as a precise helical focuser with etched hash-mark scale for easy and repeatable focusing. After an initial helical focus adjustment to match your autoguider device, a handy thumbscrew allows the focus position to be locked so you'll never have to fuss with focus in the field.

    The included StarShoot Mini 2mp Mono AutoGuider features the Sony IMX 290 12-bit sensor, with 2.9 micron pixels for extremely high resolution guiding. And with ~80% Q.E., stars will be visible in any area of the sky you point your guidescope to ? no need to readjust the guidescope position to find that "bright" star to lock on to. And with the included 64-bit ASCOM drivers, the StarShoot Mini is fully compatible with many programs on the market, including PHD2 Guiding.

    A sturdy two-ring bracket for the Ultra-Mini Guide Scope with built-in dovetail foot is included which is designed to fit the dovetail base found on Orion telescopes and many other brands. A threaded 1/4"-20 socket on the underside of the dovetail foot allows direct attachment to a universal plate. The StarShoot Mini AutoGuider comes with a 1.25" nosepiece threaded for use with like-sized filters (for inserting into other guidescopes instead of the 30mm Ultra-Mini), a USB cable, and an RJ-11 autoguider cable. Note: to achieve focus with the 30mm Ultra-Mini, be sure to remove the 5mm CS extension ring from the back of the guide scope before threading on the StarShoot Mini camera.

    Shed some weight from your astrophotography setup and still enjoy the benefits of autoguiding accuracy with the compact and lightweight Orion StarShoot Mini 2mp AutoGuider & 30mm Ultra Mini Guide Scope!


    How to set initial focus on your Orion StarShoot Mini 2mp AutoGuider & 30mm Guide Scope package


  • specifications

    ADC12 bit
    Autoguider CapabilityYes
    Back Focus17.5mm
    Camera Connection1.25" Nosepiece/C Thread
    Color or MonoMonochrome
    Exposure Time Range 1000s
    Pixel Array1920 x 1080
    Pixel Size2.9 microns
    Sensor Diagonal12.6mm
    Sensor Size5.60mm x 3.10mm
    SensorSony IMX290
    USB ConnectionHigh Speed 2.0
    Weight0.6875 lb
  • included items

    • StarShoot Mini 2mp AutoGuider
    • 30mm Ultra-Mini Guide Scope
    • 1.25" Nosepiece
    • USB 2.0 Cable (6')
    • RJ-12 cable (6')

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