Orion StarShoot G24 Full Format Color CMOS Camera

Brand: Orion

SKU : OR-51860

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  • Full-Format, Color CMOS camera with 24 million pixels for beautiful resolution
  • Sony IMX410 chip has a giant 104.000e full well capacity for an exceptional dynamic range (up to 14 stops) in your astro-images!
  • ASCOM compatible for use with applications such as Sequence Generator Pro, Nebulosity, SharpCap, and more!

Product Details

  • Orion StarShoot G24 Full Format Color CMOS Camera


    Beginning with driver version 2021.11.28, this camera will no longer support Windows XP, and 7. It is fully compatible with Win 8, 10 AND 11.

    Feast your eyes on Orion's first EVER Full-Format CMOS camera -- the StarShoot G24 Full Format Color Imaging Camera! This camera was built to support the Sony IMX410 CMOS chip, offering a gigantic 43.3 mm diagonal sensor boasting over 80% QE and full resolution of 6064 x 4040 pixels.

    The most notable feature of this camera is definitely the full well capacity and dynamic range of the Sony IMX410 CMOS chip. It is jam-packed with incredible specs, including 1014,000e full well capacity (almost twice that of Orion's next closest camera!) and a 14-stop dynamic range. This means that there are flawless transitions in both brightness and color in your image, from the faint details on nebulae to super bright stars. The best part is... the IMX410 chip produces ZERO amp glow, unlike most CMOS cameras on the market today!

    This massive full well capacity will allow you to manipulate your image in ways you would not have been able to before this chip. You'll be able to boost the gain, shortening your exposures and lowering the read noise in your image. This will, in turn, lower your full well capacity and dynamic range. Since you're starting with such a large full well capacity, you won't even miss it! As a matter of fact, boosting the gain in HCG mode will reduce your read noise down to 0.3e, while still giving you a full well capacity of 15,000e and an 8-stop dynamic range.

    You will have a fantastically giant field of view with the full format chip in the StarShoot G24, even compared to the relatively large APS-C format G26. It's almost double the surface area of the G26! The sensitivity and resolution are phenomenal with the 24 million pixels in this chip. You can take beautifully detailed and high-resolution photos of the moon and planets, if you use this camera with a long focal length telescope.

    The StarShoot G24 Full Format camera is equipped with a two-stage thermo-electric cooler with fan, capable of reaching ~30-degrees C below ambient temperature. This TE cooler is powered by an included AC adapter, although any 12v 3 amp external battery will work as well. It also has a dew heater built right into the front window, protecting your camera from dew build-up at such low temperatures. The camera's USB 3.0 interface will impress you with super fast frame rates and download speeds. The USB 3.0 port provides the power for camera electronics.

    A 54mm x 0.75mm threaded opening is cut into the front of the camera and you can attach the StarShoot G24 camera straight into any 2" focuser using the included 2" nozzle. An important note: This large camera chip will show off any inherent imperfections in the optics of your telescope, so coma at the edges of a reflector or field curvature in a refractor become more visible, compared to a camera with a smaller chip. To help with this, Orion recommends either using a corrected telescope design (190 mm Maksutov-Newtonian or any Ritchey-Chretien designs). Also included with this camera are some common length spacers / adapters, giving you the ability to use the StarShoot G24 with a standard 55 mm back focus coma corrector, reducer, or field flattener. Depending on your imaging set-up, you may need additional adapter rings.

    Your guide camera and other USB accessories can be wired directly to the StarShoot G24 through the built in two-port USB 2.0 hub. This means that you will only have the 1 USB cable running to your laptop, making cable management on your telescope a breeze!

    The StarShoot G24 camera is compatible with Win 8/10/11 and ASCOM, meaning that you can unlock the full potential of your new StarShoot G24 Full Format Color Camera using some of the best astro-imaging software on the market!

  • specifications

    ADC14 bit
    Back Focus17.5mm
    Camera Connection2" Nosepiece
    Color or MonoColor
    Cooling Below Ambient35C
    Dynamic Range14 Stops
    Full Well104ke
    Mega Pixels24.5 MP
    MPMore than 20 MP
    Peak QE80%
    Pixel Array6064 x 4040
    Pixel Size4.63 microns
    PS4 to 6 Microns
    Read Noise4.48e
    Sensor Diagonal33.7mm
    Sensor TypeCMOS
    SensorSony IMX410
    Weight15.625 lb
  • included items

    • StarShoot G24 Camera
    • Hard Case
    • AC Adapter
    • USB 3.0 Cable
    • 2" Nosepiece
    • 21 mm Spacer
    • 16.5 mm Spacer
    • 48 mm to 42 mm Adapter Ring

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