Orion SkyQuest XT10 Classic Dobsonian Telescope

Brand: Orion

SKU : OR-08946

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  • With its big 10"-class parabolic mirror and rock-solid, smooth-gliding base, this visual powerhouse will take your observing to the next level
  • Equipped with a 2" Crayford focuser with 1.25" adapter, allowing use of both 1.25" and (optional) 2' eyepieces
  • Stable Dobsonian telescope base with Orion CorrecTension friction optimization system to keep the optical tube perfectly balanced in any position
  • Unhook the CorrecTension springs to conveniently transport the XT10 in two pieces, each weighing less than 25 lbs.
  • Includes a 25mm (51x) Plossl eyepiece, red dot reflex sight, Orion MoonMap 260, Orion DeepMap 600 folding star chart, and smartphone photo adapter - a great value!

Product Details

  • With its synthesis of big aperture optics and uncomplicated operation, the SkyQuest XT10 Classic Dobsonian will provide years of captivating views for the intermediate and advanced astronomy enthusiast. It brings a "new level of joy to simple observing" as Astronomy magazine raved.

    The SkyQuest XT10's jumbo, 10" (251mm) diameter parabolic primary mirror gathers a ton of light, revealing fainter objects and in higher resolution than you would see with an 8" or smaller telescope. Its single-speed 2" Crayford focuser accepts optional 2" eyepieces and comes with a 1.25" adapter for 1.25" eyepieces. The included 1.25" 25mm Plossl eyepiece provides 51x magnifying power and is fully multi-coated for excellent light transmission. With this eyepiece alone you will see stunning views of the Moon's battered surface, deep-sky nebulas and star clusters.

    The XT10 Classic is refreshingly easy to use thanks to its simple, "point-and-view" Dobsonian design. Instead of a more complex tripod and mount foundation, which can be a nuisance to set up and balance, the SkyQuest XT10 optical tube is supported by a sturdy composite base. Just carry the base using its beefy handle, set it down where you want to observe, then set the optical tube on the base's cradle and secure it with the CorrecTension springs. The tube glides smoothly up, down, left and right with just a gentle tug or nudge — right where you want to aim it. (One-time base assembly required.)

    The accessory package of the SkyQuest XT10 Dobsonian also includes these wonderfully helpful items: the detailed Orion MoonMap 260, Orion DeepMap 600 folding star chart, and a smartphone photo adapter that lets you take incredible keepsake pictures through the telescope with your phone.

    Orion CorrecTension springs make setup easy and keep the telescope balanced.

    Orion's CorrecTension springs help keep the optical tube in perfect balance while also providing secure attachment to the base. They provide just the right amount of tension for buttery smooth motion of the tube's side bearings on the non-stick UHMW bearing pads on the base's cradle as you move the telescope from object to object.

    Dial-in celestial details with the precision 2" Crayford focuser.

    The SkyQuest XT10 features an aluminum 2" Crayford focuser with a removable step-down adapter so you can use both 1.25" and (optional) 2" telescope eyepieces. The gearless Crayford mechanism ensures that focus adjustments are smooth and free of backlash, so you can achieve sharp focus easily and quickly.

    The included red-dot scope makes it easy to aim the telescope.

    Following a simple alignment procedure, you'll use the red dot scope to accurately aim the telescope at objects in the sky like the Moon and bright planets. You'll see a red LED dot projected onto the finder's viewing window. Move the telescope until the red dot is superimposed on your target, then look in the telescope's eyepiece, and the object will be there!

    Explore the night sky with the included 25mm Plossl Eyepiece.

    The included 1.25" 25mm Plossl eyepiece provides a 48-power view and a generous 52° apparent field of view. Its fully multi-coated optics yield extremely sharp, high-contrast images that will impress night after night. Its barrel is threaded to accept Orion filters. Expand your magnification options by purchasing additional 1.25" or larger 2" wide-angle eyepieces of different focal lengths. (Additional eyepieces sold separately.)

    Use the Orion MoonMap 260 to identify lunar features.

    With locations and names of over 260 features on the Moon such as craters, mountains, valleys, "seas" and more, the MoonMap 260 is a great tool for amateur astronomers. This detailed map will even show you where various spacecraft have landed on the Moon's surface!

    The Orion DeepMap 600 will guide you to fascinating celestial gems.

    Full-color star map of the night sky with clearly indicated positions of 600 of the finest celestial objects to view. It folds up just like a road map for easy storage and transport. Back side lists essential data for all 600 objects, including a brief visual description of each. An ideal reference for beginning and advanced observers alike! Printed on dew-proof plastic.

    Take smartphone pictures of the view through your telescope with this Smartphone Telescope adapter.

    Adjustable smartphone holder clamps onto the telescope's eyepiece, allowing you to take shake-free, well-focused, high-power photos of celestial objects. Sure beats trying to steadily hand-hold your phone over the eyepiece — frustrating! You'll get lots of "keepers" with this smartphone photo adapter.

    The SkyQuest XT10 is a big telescope all right, but it's surprisingly portable. To transport it you just unhook the CorrecTension springs from the base and pop the optical tube off. Then carry the base and the optical tube separately — each weighs less than 25 lbs.

    If you're serious about amateur astronomy and want a telescope that will deliver the goods, get the Orion SkyQuest XT10 Classic Dobsonian.

  • specifications

    Aperture254 mm (10")
    Camera/Eyepiece Connection1.25
    CD ROMs IncludedStarry Night SE
    Dawes Limit0.46 arcseconds
    Exterior ColorOrion Grey Pearl
    Finder IncludedRed Dot Finder
    Focal Length1200 mm
    Focal Ratiof/4.7
    Head DesignAltitude Azimuth
    Highest Magnification508x
    Highest Useful Magnification300x
    Light Gathering Power1317x
    Limiting Magnitude15.8
    Limiting Stellar Magnitude14.7
    Mount Weight22.6 lbs.
    Optical DesignDobsonian
    OTA Mount TypeDobsonian Cradle
    Tube Length1214mm
    Tube Weight30.8 lbs
    Warranty1 Year Warranty
  • included items

    • Optical tube
    • 25mm Plossl eyepiece, 1.25"
    • Base boards and assembly hardware
    • Base carry handle
    • Reflex sight
    • Dust cover
    • Smartphone photo adapter
    • MoonMap 260
    • DeepMap 600

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