Orion GiantView BT-100 Binocular Telescope

  • 100mm objective lenses for bright views
  • Pair of 18mm, 65-degree eyepieces Included 
  •  1.25" eyepiece for interchanging eyepieces
  • 45-degree eyepiece orientation
  • Weighs 14.5 pounds
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  • Regular price $1,699.99

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Orion GiantView BT-100 Binocular Telescope

Orion GiantView BT-100 Binocular Telescope gives an observing experience like no other. Views of lunar craters or gassious nebulae will look almost 3D while also making observations more comfortable and relaxing.

The100mm less on these binoculars gather 56% more light compared to 80mm binoculars which will allow you see fainter objects in the sky. Unlike other telescopes, the Orion GiantView BT-100 Binocular Telescope has built-in prisms that orient what you are viewing correctly making this the ultimate spotting scope for daytime use.  The 45-degree angle eyepiece holds makes observations comfortable.


Aperture100 mm (4")
Camera/Eyepiece Connection1.25" Nosepiece
Dawes Limit1.16 arcseconds
Focal Length558 mm
Focal Ratiof/5.58
Highest Magnification200x
Interpupillary Distance Range54mm to 76mm
Light Gathering Power204x
Limiting Magnitude13.8
Optical DesignDoublet
PrismBKA 4 Porro
Tube Weight14.5 lbs
Warranty1 Year Warranty


  • Orion GiantView BT-100 Binocular Telescope
  • Two 18mm wide-angle 65° eyepieces, 1.25"
  • Objective lens caps
  • Eyepiece lens caps
  • Internal focuser plugs