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Orion DC Power Cable with Auto Lighter Plug

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Orion DC Power Cable with Auto Lighter Plug

The DC Power Cable with Auto Lighter Plug by Orion:

This Orion DC Power Cable is an ideal cable for use with Orion products such as the StarSeeker III or SkyView Pro telescope mounts, this 24 foot long cable provides a solid power connection to 12V DC power supplies. It comes equipped with an Auto-Lighter plug, and can plug into any Auto-Lighter DC receptacle. This also works with Orion Dynamo Pro 12V Power supplies (sold separately). It even works well in the field, when plugged into a field battery. A definitively useful tool for keeping your gear running smooth without interruption.

  • 24-Foot Cable
  • Auto-Lighter Plug Equipped
  • Compatible with 12V or 12V DC
  • Works with Field Batteries.


OPT Product Number: OR-7331