Orion Basic Telescope Accessory Kit - 1.25"

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Orion Basic Telescope Accessory Kit - 1.25"

Orion 1.25-Inch Basic Telescope Accessory Kit

Bring out the best in your telescope with this Basic Accessory Kit from Orion. A great starter selection of eyepieces and color filters paired with a 2x Barlow and moon filter provide you with an awesome range of viewing possibilities.

Every telescope deserves a thorough complement of quality accessories. By using different focal length eyepieces, visual eyepiece filters, and Barlow lenses, you can push your telescope to its full potential of performance. There are a multitude of different eyepiece, filter, and Barlow lens choices available to amateur astronomers. In fact, the variety is so vast that for many observers, especially those new to the hobby, picking the right telescope accessories can be a very confusing process. Orion's preconfigured Telescope Accessory Kit cuts through the confusion to provide a well thought-out assortment of our most popular and performance-packed accessories.

Orion 1.25-Inch Basic Telescope Accessory Kit Features
  • Two 1.25-Inch Sirius Plossl Eyepieces: Plossl eyepieces have a 4-element design and a 52-degree apparent field of view. Plossls are an excellent choice for generalized viewing, they display wonderful color, resolution, edge sharpness, and clarity. All eyepieces are fully multi-coated for the best possible performance. The kit contains a 7.5 mm and 20 mm.


  • Barlow Lens: The 2x, 1.25-inch Barlow lens is the perfect companion to the Plossls in this set giving you a total of 10 magnifications. Like the Plossls high quality optical grade glass is fully multi coated so there is no degradation of the image.


  • Three Colored Planetary Filters: Included are 1.25-inch glass filters in the following colors: #12 Yellow, #25 Red, and #80A Blue. These filters will help to bring out the natural details of the planets.


  • Moon Filter: A neutral density filter is like sunglasses for your telescope. The moon is often times too bright to be comfortably viewed through larger aperture telescopes. This filter will dim things down so you can view the moon for longer periods of time both without ruining your night vision and allowing you to see the craters and valleys in better detail.


  • Aluminum Carrying Case: This beautiful and well-built case fits all of the above items in the die-cut foam interior and has room for additional accessories.




Eyepiece Set Includes1.25" Barlow & 1.25" Blue Filter & 1.25" Moon Filter & 1.25" Red Filter & 1.25" Yellow Filter & Case
Focal Lengths Included20mm & 7.5mm
Warranty1 Year Warranty