Orion 80mm ED Semi-Apo Binocular Spotting Scope

Brand: Orion

SKU : OR-40910

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  • Enjoy comfortable two-eyed viewing with this premium-quality 80 mm (f/6.25) telescope equipped with integrated, rotatable binocular viewer
  • Ohara FPL-53 extra-low dispersion ("ED") glass objective lens element minimizes chromatic aberration for clean, ultra-sharp images
  • Excels for terrestrial viewing as well as nighttime celestial observation; attaches easily to photographic tripods or equatorial mounts
  • Includes two Orion 12.5 mm (40x) Edge-On long-eye-relief eyepieces with 55-degree apparent field of view and fully multi-coated optics
  • Heavy duty, waterproof polypropylene case with die-cut foam interior and extra holes for additional pairs of eyepieces 

Product Details

  • See the stars in a 3D-like view with this Bino Spotting Scope! 

    The Orion 80 mm ED Semi-Apo Binocular Spotting Scope sports two eyepieces, and viewing with two eyes instead of just one makes observing animals in the park, sailboats on the bay, or the Milky Way in the heavens much more comfortable and provides incredible 3D-like depth of field. Once you experience the high-definition image quality and visual comfort of observing with this Binocular Spotting Scope, you'll never go back to one-eyed gazing through a traditional scope.

    Call it a spotting scope, but in fact this instrument is a high-quality, wide-field refractor telescope that excels for both terrestrial and celestial observation. You can have great fun viewing the Moon and a score of deep-sky luminaries with it on clear nights, proving that it can reach far beyond the capabilities of a standard spotting scope.


    The Orion 80 mm ED Semi-Apo Binocular Spotting Scope features an 80 mm (3.1-inch) refractor objective doublet lens of 500 mm focal length (f/6.25) that includes one element of Ohara FPL-53 Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass.


    This premium optical glass minimizes chromatic aberration to render impeccably sharp images free of color fringing. But it is what's at the eyepiece end of the telescope that truly sets it apart: the Premium Linear BinoViewer. The most advanced stereo binocular viewer, this Premium Linear BinoViewer has a full 360-degree rotation collar, allowing you to quickly orient the eyepieces to a comfortable angle no matter where the telescope is pointed. This is especially useful for astronomical viewing using an equatorial mount, on which the telescope will rarely be oriented parallel to the ground. The BinoViewer incorporates a dielectric-coated, beam-splitting mirror -- not a prism -- which reduces aberrations and improves contrast compared to standard standalone binoviewers used with astronomical telescopes

    The innovative Premium Linear Binoviewer boasts a sliding linear housing for adjusting the interpupillary distance (IPD). You just slide the two halves of the housing inward or outward to set the IPD from 58 mm to 74 mm, and there's a handy IPD scale laser engraved on the housing so you'll know exactly where to set it the next time for your (or anyone else's) eyes.

    The BinoViewer's twin twist-tight collars securely hold a pair of included 12.5 mm Orion Edge-On long-eye-relief 1.25-inch eyepieces, which provide 40x magnifying power. Their flat field design ensures sharp focus out to the edge of their 55-degree apparent field of view. With a generous 20 mm of eye relief, the Edge-Ons provide comfortable viewing even with eyeglasses on, and are threaded to accept Orion 1.25-inch filters. Of course, you could swap out the included eyepieces with pairs of 1.25-inch telescope eyepieces of other focal lengths, to give you more magnification options.

    A built-in mounting bracket on the 80 mm ED Semi-Apo Binocular Spotting Scope has 1/4"-20 threaded holes for attachment to your photographic tripod. Also included is a V-style dovetail bar for attachment of the spotting scope to your equatorial mount equipped with a V-style saddle.

    The 80 mm ED Semi-Apo Binocular Spotting Scope, the two eyepieces, and the dovetail bar all fit inside the waterproof polypropylene storage case, which has extra plugged holes for two additional pairs of 1.25-inch eyepieces.

    For an immersive viewing experience with both eyes wide open - to terrestrial targets or up to the stars - get the unique and revolutionary Orion 80 mm ED Semi-Apo Binocular Spotting Scope!

    Manufacturer's Warranty: Limited Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for one year from date of purchase. This warranty is for the benefit of the original retail purchaser only.

    Orion 80mm ED Semi-Apo Binocular Spotting Scope-included 

  • specifications

    Aperture80 mm (3.25")
    Camera/Eyepiece Connection1.25" Nosepiece
    Dawes Limit1.45 arcseconds
    Focal Length500 mm
    Focal Ratiof/6.25
    Glass TypeED
    Highest Magnification160x
    Light Gathering Power131x
    Tube Diameter165mm
    Tube Weight5.2 lb
  • included items

    • 80mm ED Binocular Spotting Scope
    • 12.5mm Edge-On Planetary Eyepiece (2)
    • V-Style Dovetail Adapter and Mounting Screws
    • Waterproof Polypropylene Case

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