Orion 5-Position 1.25" Filter Wheel

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  • Handy and versatile wheel holds up to five 1.25-inch filters for visual and/or imaging use.
  • This "Orion 5-Position 1.25-Inch Filter Wheel" is a huge time-saver for filtered planetary and lunar observation using different color filters, or for tri-color astrophotography pursuits.
  • Holds up to five 1.25-inch filters, or you can leave one space blank for unfiltered viewing.
  • Requires additional 20 mm of focus travel - not recommended for use with Dobsonian reflectors.
  • The Orion 5-Position 1.25-Inch Filter Wheel protects installed eyepiece or astrophotography filters from dust, dirt, and impact, and keeps them ready for action.



Orion 5-Position 1.25" Filter Wheel

The Orion 5-Position 1.25 Filter Wheel is a wonderfully efficient way to dial-in the telescope filter you want to use for observing or astrophotography. With the affordable 5-Position Filter Wheel, you can change filters without removing your telescope eyepiece or astrophotography camera. Just rotate the wheel with light finger pressure and the selected filter clicks into place. Presto!

Planetary observers can switch among several color eyepiece filters with the 5-Position Filter Wheel in order to get the most detail out of observations of our solar system neighbors through a telescope. Deep-sky object aficionados can compare views in "A/B" fashion through broadband and narrowband filters, or use the filter wheel to enhance views using O-III or H-beta filters.

Astrophotographers can use the Orion 5-Position 1.25-Inch Filter Wheel to shoot sequentially and without interruption through the different telescope filters required for tri-color, RGB and LRGB imaging - all loaded in prominently numbered threaded wells.

Holds up to five Orion 1.25-inch eyepiece and/or imaging filters, or you can leave one position empty for an unfiltered viewing comparison. The rugged anodized aluminum and composite rubber housing protects installed filters from dirt, moisture, and impact better than sliding filter tray designs. Keep your five favorite filters installed to keep them clean and ready for action!

The Orion 5-Position 1.25-inch Filter Wheel attaches directly to a telescope via a removable 1.25-inch nosepiece or T-thread. It accepts 1.25-inch telescope eyepieces, accessories or camera barrels (nosepieces).

Requires additional 20 mm focus travel.

Product Number: OR-5522


Accessory TypeFilter Wheel
Filter Positions5
Filter Size1.25"
Filter Wheel TypeFilter Changer


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  • Since I am configuring an almost completely new system (everything except the scope) may I ask what is the weight of this filter wheel please?

    Hello Dave. The weight of this filter wheel is quite light. 1 pound.