Orion 2x54 Ultra Wide Angle Binoculars

  • Two times magnification through 54 mm (2.12-inch) diameter objectives! 
  • Nice wide field-of-view at 36-degrees, with an apparent FOV of 72-degrees.
  • Focus each eyepiece individually. 
  • Enjoy an enhanced naked-eye feel when gazing through these binoculars.
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Orion 2x54 Ultra Wide Angle Binoculars

The Orion 2x54 Ultra Wide Angle Binocular combines an ultra-low power with an ultra-wide field-of-view, supercharging your eyeballs and taking naked eye astronomy to another level. An incredible 36° field-of-view (FOV) allows constellations to fit into one field. And the binoculars brighten up fainter stars, allowing you to see about 1.2 magnitudes fainter than you can with just your own eyeballs. For example: from a dark-sky site, you can see down to around magnitude 6 stars with your naked eye; imagine enhancing that view down to mag 7.2 with these binoculars. It's like looking at a detailed star-chart, except now the actual sky becomes your chart!

Low power coupled with a big lens provides a massive FOV and adds to the effect of the sky being your own personal star chart.

Orion 2x54 Ultra Wide Angle Binoculars-4

These binoculars are a variation on a Galilean design but also include extra lens elements to enhance the field-of-view and also reduce aberrations compared with standard Galilean designed optics. The brightness in this style binocular is simply the square of the magnification, and the FOV is directly proportional to the size of the objective. Therefore you get 4x brighter images than naked-eye, and a truly massive 36° field. The result is an enhanced naked-eye feel when gazing through these binoculars at the arms of the Milky Way and individual whole constellations.

Compact and lightweight, the Orion 2x54 Ultra Wide Angle Binoculars make a very nice addition to your astronomy equipment arsenal, bridging the gap between your larger binoculars and simple naked eye astronomy. Hundreds more stars appear in the view, and panning around the Milky Way from a dark sky site is simply jaw dropping. Features individual eyepiece focusing, a solid center axis hinge that holds collimation well, fully multi-coated lenses, and includes a carrying case and caps to protect the lenses.

Manufacturer's Warranty: Limited Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for one year from date of purchase. This warranty is for the benefit of the original retail purchaser only. 




Accessory TypeBinocular
Aperture54 mm (2.126")
Apparent Field of View72 Degrees
Diopter AdjustmentYes
Field of View36 Degrees
Focus StyleIndividual eyepiece focus
Interpupillary Distance Range60 to 81 mm
Linear FOV at 1000 Yards914 feed
Optical CoatingsFully Multi Coated
Weight1 lb