Orion 1.25" 25% Transmission Moon Filter

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Orion 1.25" 25% Transmission Moon Filter

A 25-Percent Transmission Moon Filter by Orion in 1.25-Inch Size:

  • A specialty Moon filter especially useful for increasing contrast during waning and waxing crescent phases
  • Provides a brighter view than our 13-percent Moon filter by blocking less light - ideal for use with smaller (60 mm to 80 mm) telescopes, or for any size telescope to improve views of crescent phases
  • Reduces bright glare reflected off the Moon and boosts contrast and resolution of lunar surface features
  • Metal filter cell threads directly into Orion 1.25-inch telescope eyepiece barrels
  • Allows transmission of 25-percent of incoming light
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    Filter ShapeRound
    Filter Size1.25"
    Filter TypeDark