Optec TCF-LYNX 3" Temperature Compensating Focuser

Brand: Optec

SKU : OP-19706

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Product Details

  • The TCF-LYNX 3-Inch Temperature Compensating Focuser by Optec:


    It's a well known fact that temperature changes during a viewing session can cause radical issues. A small change in ambient temperature can cause otherwise sharp stellar images to bloat in size, ruining the final image and wasting precious observing time. It was then only a matter of time until someone devised a solution to this notable issue, and Optec is that someone. That solution is a temperature probe built into the TCF series focusers- and this is a combination of Optec's time tested and proven TCF focuser with the FocusLynx Controller, and a splendid combination it most certainly is! Mechanically, the focuser is a robust 3-inch Crayford style motorized focuser with high repeatability. The Crayford design allows for a solid friction roller focusing system with no play and very little backlash. To prevent any slippage common to Crayford style focusers, the drive rod is pressed onto the drawtube with a force of about 500-pounds. The TCF-S3 can take this extreme pressure because the drive rod is made from a ground bar of high speed steel with a diameter of 0.375-inch. Hardened rails of stainless steel are embedded in the drawtube to engage the drive rod and take the strain. Optec's implementation is ideal for applications which require exact focus such as CCD imaging or film astrophotography. A geared stepper motor rotates the drive shaft with one step rotation of the motor equal to a 0.0001-inch movement of the drawtube. Working with 2.2 Micron Steps and a full inch of travel, the Optec TCF provides excellent resolution and ample focus travel for computer auto focusing- especially when working with the state of the art Focus Lynx hand controller, which puts the many functions of the Optec TCF in the palm of your hand! And of course, the Temperature Compensation is built into this stellar piece of Optec equipment, ensuring that not only will this scope perform, but it will do so persistently regardless of environmental temperature changes! The focuser itself has a 2-inch aperture, and is capable of supporting up to 10-pounds of weight, certainly a respectable amount for its size, considering the focuser itself only weighs in at two pounds, eight ounces! All in all, it is a splendid focuser, and with the FocusLynx controller now involved, you can link it to the same control hub that functions with any FocusLynx product- allowing you to more deeply integrate this with the rest of your setup! The integration of the FocusLynx with the TCF-S focuser expands the compatibility of it's serial protocols from PC to also include USB, Ethernet, and Wireless WiFi capability- a noticeable upgrade in the ease of usability for the setup as a whole, as it allows you to have a much easier time linking this top quality focusing device to your PC or Laptop to control it remotely. The Temperature Probe in the motorized TFC Focuser is a useful device, and now you can have it hooked up to the refined FocusLynx Controller, giving it the orders it needs to put that information to use, compensating for temperature changes based on the data that probe gathers, and shifting about the entire focuser based on guidance from the FocusLynx controller. This includes a 7-foot Cat-5e cable for FocusLynx to TCF-Lynx connection, creating the link that enables you to utilize the FocusLynx's expanded compatibility and finer level control with the TCF's high quality mechanics and temperature probe!


    Optec TCF Lynx 3-inch Temperature Compensating Focuser Specifications:
    • Heavy-duty Crayford style 3-inch focuser
    • Compensates for focal shift due to temperature
    • Supports instruments up to 25 pounds
    • Replaces Simple Control Box with higher quality FocusLynx
    • TFC-S Overall Height: 3.8-inches fully IN, to 4.8-inches fully OUT
    • Focuser Travel: 1-inch (25.4 mm)
    • Number of Steps: 10,000
    • Step Resolution: 0.0001-inch
    • TFC-S3 Weight: 5-pounds (2.26796 kg)
    • Clear Aperture: 2-inch (52.8 mm)
    • Back-focus Usage: 3.8-inch to 4.8-inch 
    • Includes 7-foot Cat-5e cable for FocusLynx to TCF-Lynx connection
    • Includes 6-foot USB/Serial cable for PC connection
    • Uses 12V DC power supply
    • FocusLynx Material: 6061 aluminum, anodized black
    • FocusLynx Display: 2-line with Position and Temperature
    • FocusLynx Buttons: IN, OUT, and MODE buttons
    • FocusLynx Length: 6.3-inch (160 mm)
    • FocusLynx Width: 3.2-inch (81.4 mm)
    • FocusLynx Thickness: 0.9-inch (22.7 mm)
    • FocusLynx Weight: 6.4-ouncees (180 g)


    OPT Product Number: OP-19706

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