Optec Fast-Focus System for the C-14HD Telescope

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Optec Fast-Focus System for the C-14HD Telescope

The Optec Fast Focus System for the C-14HD is the perfect solution to the limited back focus of the Celestron EdgeHD Telescopes. It acts to lock the primary mirror and most of the imaging train into place, negating flexure and tilt. It then uses the secondary mirror to adjust the focus, allowing the C-14HD to mimic the function of many professional telescopes and attain a similar level of focusing clarity and ease. You simply need to make sure the C-14HD you want to use the Fast-Focus system with is Fastar compatible, as it uses many of the traits that make the telescope Fastar compatible in its own design. It is in fact easily installed due to taking advantage of the removable secondary mirror of the Celestron Fastar.

  • Mounting: Fits Celestron C-14 and EdgeHD C1400 OTA with Fastar capability
  • Step Size: 7.8-micro-inch (0.197 micron)
  • Total Steps: 44800 steps
  • Total Travel: 0.350-inches (8.9 mm) for secondary mirror
  • Net effective focal travel: approx. 8-inches at focal plane
  • Linear bearings: four 0.25-inch bore 3/4-inch closed circuit linear ball bearings
  • Lead screw: 1/4-20 tpi x 2-inch length

Manufacturer Part Number: 19711