OPT Eclipse Bundle

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OPT Eclipse Bundle

The OPT Eclipse Bundle:

OPT is happy to present a bundle containing five pairs of our signature brand solar glasses, a map highlighting the area affected by the upcoming Great American Total Eclipse, and a book explaining the eclipse. This kit is an invaluable aid for those who are looking forward to planning out their enjoyment of the upcoming Great American Total Solar Eclipse, as it contains everything you'll need to plan and enjoy a safe, fun, solar eclipse experience. The Solar Glasses are 100-percent ISO Certified, guaranteeing their safety for solar use.


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Glass or Film or HerschelMylar or Film Filter
White Light Filter MaterialBlack Polymer Film


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  • What are the differences between OPT VS GAE glasses?

    Both glasses are ISO 12312-2 certified for safe direct solar viewing, so the only practical differences are the shapes and colors of the frames.