Future Optics UV IR Cut Filter - 2" Mounted

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Future Optics UV IR Cut Filter - 2" Mounted

Future Optics 2" UV IR Cut Filter

A UV IR Cut is a must have filter to add to your collection if you do any imaging. Perfect for digital imaging equipment like CCD Cameras and digital cameras. This 2" filter is designed to block out infrared and ultra violet lighting when attached to a digital device and as a result, prevents glare in the image.

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ManufacturerOptics Future

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  • Are the threads 24 TPI?

    This filter has M48 threads x 0.6 pitch, which translates to 42.333... TPI.

  • Would this filter be recommended for use with the daystar quark?

    Yes This IR filter will work with the Quark Eyepiece

  • Will this rotator handle an STT-8300 with it's off center weight distribution? The 3" model is overkill for the size telescope I have.

    The Optec 2" Pyxis Rotator is designed to hand the SBIG ST cameras. The STT cameras are to heavy for the rotator.

  • At more than 3 times the price, which is the advantage of the Baader uv-ir cut 2" filter over this one? Is the Baader more effective at filtering out uv and ir? I see that this one is also stackable. Thanks

    The Baader IR filter has better glass quality as well as a more durable coating.