Optec Lepus 0.62x Reducer

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Optec Lepus 0.62x Reducer

Finally, a Reducer for Corrected Schmidt-Cassegrains! The first of its kind, Optec brings you a reducer for your corrected SCT. Compatible with both the Meade ACF, this accessory will allow you to shorten the exposure time of your astroimages.

Built with a huge 100 mm of back focus, Optec has left plenty of room to accommodate any CCD and filter wheel combo or DSLR with room to spare! If you want to purchase a reducer for a Celestron EdgeHD scope, please purchase the specific reducer for your size EdgeHD telescope.

OPT Product Number: OP-19407


Accessory TypeReducer
Warranty1 Year Warranty

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  • i wanting to replace my old Celestron F6.3 reducer, can i use this Optec Lepus for my setup, ( T3i, C8, celestron OAG, electric focuser JMI)...would i get a little better edge correction (vignette) then the older reducers! ( i mean less Vignette).

    Unfortunately, the Lepus reducer will not work with a conventional C8. It is designed for an ACF/EdgeHD design, and while it will reduce, it will not flatten or correct the field on your scope.

  • Work with a mn190?

    No, the Lepus is designed only for f/10-f/11 flat field SCT variants with moving primary mirrors. It will not work with RC or MN design scopes.

  • I use a C11Edge and an SBIG STT-8300m with self guiding filter wheel and Astrodon filters. Would this reducer be appropriate, and if so, what adapter do I need? Thanks, Rodd

    Unfortunately, no. The Lepus provides 100% illumination over a 22mm image circle and acceptable illumination over a 28mm image circle. This will cover the main 8300 sensor, but you will not get enough light to your guiding CCD in the filter wheel to gui

  • I have a Meade lx850 ACF 14 and a canon 5d mkiii camera , what adapter is required for use with this reducer ?

    You can use the OP-19392-47C https://www.optcorp.com/op-19392-47c-lepus-camera-adapter-canon-dslr.html. It will attach, but the Lepus cannot correct the full field of the 5D Mk III as that reducer is designed for 4/3 or APS-C cameras.

  • I have an LX200 ACF 10" telescope and an SBIG ST-8300M camera with 5 position filter wheel and OAG-8300. What adapter do I need to attach the Optec Lepus 0.62x reducer?

    The adapter length is 102.5 - the camera back focus, which in this case is 57.5mm (assuming that you use Baader filters). This would make the adapter length 45mm long. We can have this custom made for you and will just need to know if your OAG ends with

  • I understand that Celestron does not make a reducer for the EDGE HD 9.25. Would this reducer be appropriate for the EDGE HD 9.25?

    The Lepus Reducer is actually a very good fit for the EdgeHD 9.25". Even better, Optec offers a version that includes mechanical adaptation, which will get the Lepus optic as close as possible to the EdgeHD's rear-corrector lens. That version can be fou

  • Why type of adapter (if any) would I need to use this focal reducer with a meade lx600 10" and a SBIG xtf-8300?

    The scope side is easy - use the included 2" adapter (for the larger models that come with a 2" diagonal) or get an OS-ASCT2. On the camera side, we will need to have Optec make an adapter custom for your specific camera configuration with the back focus

  • Does the Leptus 0.62 reducer work correctly without correcting the image from a 6" or 8" TPO RC?

    More of a related question--does this mean the reducer will not work with an Edge scope if the scope is equipped with a crayford focuser? The primary is locked for focusing. The crayford is used to fine tune focus--will this not be compatible with the r

  • Does the Leptus 0.62 reducer work correctly without correcting the image from a 6" or 8" TPO RC?

    Unfortunately, no. Optec told us that the Lepus would only work properly with the RC scopes if you could change the spacing of the primary mirror to the secondary, as it was designed for scopes like the EdgeHD where the primary mirror can be moved. Plea