Optec Libra Alt-Azimuth Dovetail Adjustment System

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  • Optec Libra Alt-Azimuth Dovetail Adjustment System

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    Optec Libra Alt-Azimuth Dovetail Adjustment System

    Optec Libra Alt-Azimuth Mount - Dovetail Adjustment Plate

    Optec's new Libra Alt-Az adjustable mounting base allows easy adjustment in altitude and azimuth of guide scopes mounted to a Losmandy-style dovetail system. Unlike simple 2-axis stage adjusting systems that allow alignment of an imaging camera on a secondary scope, the Libra Alt-Az allows easy alignment of a secondary scope's optical axis to that of the primary.

    "Why is it cool? Oh my... This is the only high-quality, high-precision device that allows dove-tail mounted guide-scopes or accessories to be collimated to a primary optical-system without the use of three-point rings." says Eric Blackhurst of OPT, "In other words, a user is able to move the smaller optical tube (relative to the larger) while using clamshell or tube-ring type mountings, as opposed to the traditional guide-rings that have been needed otherwise. This will significantly reduce the amount of differential-flexure in the smaller telescopeƒ???????????s mounting hardware, allowing for much longer sub-exposure lengths."

    For a much better view of the Optec Libra's adjustment mechanisms, springs, dovetail and saddle, take a look at our "Additional Images and Articles" section to your left. You'll see why this ingenious piece of new engineering has our staff so excited!

    Optec Product Number: 19230

    Additional Information

    Accessory Tray IncludedNo
    GPS includedNo
    Hand Controller included None Available
    Head DesignAzimuth
    Mount ElectronicsNone/ Manual
    Power Supply included Does Not Require Power
    Saddle WidthUniversal
    Tracking ModesAzimuth
    Tripod or Pier includedNo
    Warranty1 Year Warranty
    Weight Capacity25 lbs.
    Weight of HeadNot supplied by manufacturer

    Questions & Answers

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    • What is the weight of this product?

      Bob, The weight of the mount is 6.5 lbs. We have it in stock so if you want to order its, please give me a call at 800-483-6287.

    • What is the weight of this product?

      It weighs 6.5 lbs.

    • What is the maximum weight it can bear?

      The weight limit for the Optec Libra Alt-Azimuth Dovetail Adjustment System has a weight capasity of 25 pounds.