Omegon veTEC 16000 Color CMOS Camera

Brand: Omegon

SKU : NIM-61045

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  • Excels at lunar, planetary and solar astrophotography
  • The cooling system reduces noise in the image. At 40°C below ambient temperature, the noise caused by the dark current is almost completely gone
  • 2 USB ports at the back of the camera are reducing the cable chaos of your astrophotography setup
  • Equipped with an infrared-blocking filter
  • Filter window protects the sensor chamber from dust and humidity

Product Details

  • The Omegon Pro veTEC 16000 Camera is a professional all-round astro-camera. With a large Sensor and thermoelectric cooling, it is perfect for deep-sky photography. The camera also excels at lunar, planetary and solar astrophotography.

    Professional Deep-Sky Astrophotography

    The giant sensor is perfect for wide nebulas, star fields or the lunar surface. Compared to other astrophotography cameras, this one is more akin to the generously sized sensors in DSLR-cameras.

    Thermoelectric cooling

    The cooling system reduces noise in the image. At 40°C below ambient temperature, the noise caused by dark current is almost completely gone. In addition, the precise control of the sensor's temperature is very helpful for calibrating your astrophotos with dark frames: They all can be made at the correct temperature. The final images are impressively clean.


    2 USB ports at the back of the camera are reducing the cable chaos of your astrophotography setup. Additional devices (for example guiding cameras) can be daisy-chained through this hub. A separate cable connection to your pc for every single device is now a thing of the past. The camera can be adapted to almost any astrophotography setup, thanks to a T2 thread and a short back focus of only 17.5mm. Of course, a 2" nosepiece adapter allows you to simply connect the camera like any 2" eyepiece. The provided sturdy case with a fitting foam inlet gives anyone peace of mind when transporting or storing this valuable camera.

    Professional planetary-, lunar- and solar-astrophotography

    Capturing the shadows of Jupiter's moons, separations in Saturn's rings, detailed mountain ranges on the Moon, or impressive prominences on the surface of the sun - these impressive targets in our solar system can only be photographed properly with a very high framerate: This freezes the so-called seeing, turbulences of the atmosphere that usually hide details from view. This 'lucky imaging' technique is now a breeze, thanks to sophisticated electronics and the high bandwidth of the camera's USB3.0. We recommend the Region-Of-Interest feature of the supplied Omegon AstroPhotoCapture software: This optimized the framerate by reading out only the relevant part of the sensor that contains the planet or detail you are interested in.


    A filter window protects the sensor chamber from dust and humidity. The Omegon Pro color cameras are equipped with an infrared-blocking filter. Modern CMOS sensors are sensitive to infrared light, so a correct color representation in the final image is only possible by removing these wavelengths before capture. On the other hand, the Omegon Pro mono cameras feature an anti-reflection window, that is transparent to a wide range of wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared. You can add your own filters for unrestricted control over your transmission curve - invaluable for advanced imaging and photometric applications.

    Convenient Capture Software

    The included software Omegon AstroPhotoCapture allows straightforward and easy-to-learn camera control. The correct camera settings during the capture process are crucial for astrophotography. AstroPhotoCapture gives you full control over every parameter of your camera, without an overburdening interface. Easy-to-follow tutorials cover the capture process step by step, to make your first astrophotography session successful. The software is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.


    The Omegon Pro cameras are compatible with a wide range of available astrophotography programs through the common interfaces ASCOM and INDI. Native compatibility is also being added to a growing number of programs, like PHD2 and N.I.N.A.

  • specifications

    ADC12 bit
    Back Focus17.5 mm
    Camera ConnectionMale T—Thread (M42x0.75)
    Color or MonoColor
    Cooling Below Ambient40C
    Mega Pixels16.3 MP
    MP13 to 20 MP
    Pixel Array4640 x 3506
    Pixel Size3.8 microns
    PS3 Microns or Smaller
    Sensor Diagonal22.1mm
    Sensor TypeCMOS
    SensorPanasonic MN34230
    Weight1.2 lb
  • included items

    • Omegon veTEC 16000 Color CMOS Camera
    • T2 to 2" adapter
    • USB 3.0 Cable
    • 12V 3A Power Supply (EU-Plug)
    • Sturdy carrying case
    • Desiccant plug

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