Moonglow USB Windows Uploader for All Sky Camera

Brand: Moonglow


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Product Details

  • Moonglow Technologies All Sky Cam USB Uploader for Windows

    ASC Uploader for Windows is an optional package that works in concert with an included video digitizer to capture, archive, animate, and upload your All Sky Cam images to the Internet. With the ASC Uploader, you can join the network to share your camera's images with the world!

    Moonglow Technologies All Sky Cam USB Uploader Features

    • Capture and display ASC images on your computer.
    • Save the image on the screen to a JPEG or BMP file.
    • Automatically archive images for later reference, at selectable intervals (1 minute, 10 minutes, etc).
    • Easily browse archived images and/or jump to a specific date and time.
    • Disk usage management to limit disk space consumed by archive files.
    • Detect and save moving objects like satellites, aircraft, and fireball meteors.
    • Sky masking to limit motion detection to a specified area of the sky.
    • Remap ASC images into a panoramic horizon strip.
    • Reproject ASC images as if using a normal, non-fisheye camera lens.
    • Reproject images onto an RA/Dec system.
    • Create day-summary strips that graphically summarize cloudiness over the course of a day.
    • Planetarium to identify stars and planets, specific to your location and the current date/time and much, much more!

    Moonglow Technologies Product Number: USBKIT

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