Meade Flexible Dew Shield 14-16 Inch ACF

  • Designed for 14 to 16-inch ACF Telescopes.
  • For both Dew and Light Protection.
  • Flexible for Travel and Storage.
  • Light and Adjustable.
  • Roll it up or Lay it Flat!


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Meade Flexible Dew Shield 14-16 Inch ACF

The Meade Flexible Dew Shield 14 to 16-inch ACF:

Meade Flexible Dew Shields are perfect for keeping your telescope safe in mediocre weather. This is an 8-inch dew shield designed for an ACF telescope.

None of us like dealing with dew. It'll ruin our shots and just bring down our whole observing or imaging session. Don't want to carry around a rigid dew shield that's awkward to pack away, either? Meade's Flexible Dew Shield is the perfect piece for your ACF telescope setup. 

Meade has created this Flexible Dew Shield in several sizes to match their most popular sizes of scopes. Attaching a Flexible Dew shield to your telescope is as easy as it gets and it won't mar the finish on your scope! When the night is over, just detach the Flexible Dew Shield from your telescope and roll it up or simply lay it flat in your pack! 



Fits Telescope OD14" to 16"
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