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Lunt Solar 60mm Ha Etalon Filter for Double Stacking all LS60T & 60MT Models


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  • LS60FHa H-Alpha Filter, 60mm front-mounted non-obstructed hydrogen-alpha filter for use on a wide range of telescopes!
  • Connect the Lunt LS60FHa to your telescope with the appropriate adapter (sold separately), or use it to double-stack on an existing Lunt 60mm LS60THa solar telescope or filter for a ~<0.5A band pass!

Product Details

  • The Lunt LS60FHa is a 60 mm aperture (no central obstruction) integrally tuned etalon for use on a refractor.

    This Hydrogen-alpha filter is designed to retrofit (adapters required) a customer-supplied telescope for use during the day. It is easily removable so that the scope can continue to be used for night observing.

    Because the LS60FHa H-Alpha Filter has an estimated bandpass of <0.70 Angstrom, it is capable of providing high contrast views of both surface and edge detail. Adding an additional etalon system (double-stacking) will reduce the bandpass to ~<0.50 (dependent upon scope) allowing for higher resolution viewing and/or imaging. An LS60FHa H-Alpha Filter without blocking filter is offered for this purpose or for those who already have a Lunt blocking filter. A Lunt blocking filter must be used with Lunt Ha filters at all times.

    LS60FHa Specifications: (single filter)

    • Optical Aperture: 60 mm
    • Etalon: Internal <0.70 Angstrom
    • Tuning: Tilt
    • Focal Length: Customer Telescope
    • Storage: Aluminum finished hard case with fitted foam
    • Weight: 3 lb
  • included items

    • Lunt Solar 60mm Ha Etalon Filter for Double Stacking all LS60T & 60MT Models

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