Losmandy G-11 'GT'- Gemini Go-To Tucked Motors and CW- No Tripod

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Losmandy G-11 'GT'- Gemini Go-To Tucked Motors and CW- No Tripod

The G-11 'GT' by Losmandy is an upgraded and enhanced version of the long standing and well respected Losmandy G-11 Mount. The G-11 GT can boast a sleeker and more efficient profile due to the tucked motors of the design, which places the motors out of the way by tucking them into the mounts body rather than letting anything protrude unnecessarily.

The G-11 mount has a photographic instrument capacity of a whopping 75-pounds, allowing it to be used to carry the vast majority of imaging friendly telescopes with their cameras. It has superb guiding and tracking capabilities on both the RA and Declination axis, and provides an exemplary level of stability while supporting even its full weight and tracking at the same time. It is capable of tracking a rate of +/- 5-arcseconds or better, even when fully burdened to its maximum load capacity. A single 21-pound counterweight is included with the mount for your use as a counterbalance if you have an exceptionally sized imaging train that you plan to use with this telescope.


For transport purposes the G-11 GT can be split into two pieces, the RA and DEC Axes each forming a single hefty component of the mount before coming back together to form the G-11 GT. All components of the mount are a black anodized combination of aluminum and stainless steel in both axes, each component having been ideally crafted and machined for their intended purpose. The dovetail saddle has a hybrid design that allows you to use both D and V style dovetails in conjunction with the mount. The 1.25-inch diameter counterweight shaft can be removed but has been designed with a safety stop to ensure it does not fall out unless you are intentionally removing it.

The mount utilizes the advanced Gemini Go-To system for maximum operating efficiency and power. This advanced software hosts a full color touch screen that displays almost all functions as well as the traditional four button pattern that enables guiding ,centering moving and slewing. With a database of over 40,000 objects inbuilt to the Gemini program and high level control made possible, you will find that the Gemini performs admirably well as a stand alone system without any need for a computer. Even with that said, you'll find the Gemini system is remarkably easy to integrate with your computer via both USB ports and a fully functional Ethernet port with full IP function. The Gemini is also compatible with a variety of auto-guider systems and is fully usable anywhere in the world, northern or southern hemisphere.


OPT Product Number: LO-G11GT-LT 



Head DesignGerman Equatorial
Instrument Capacity75 lbs