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iOptron Polar Scope for SmartEQ Mount

SKU : IO-3130

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  • Essential for tracking of SmartEQ mounts
  • Illuminated and dark filed polar scope
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Bring your mount into parralel alignment with the axis of the earth for tracking

Product Details

  • iOptron's AccuAligning polar scope #3130 is an accessory for SmartEQ portable German equatorial mount. It provides a fast and accurate polar axis alignment with a Quick Polar Alignment procedure.

    Before installing the iOptron polar scope onto the mount, face the polar scope to a bright source, such as the sky (but not the SUN) or a lamp that is in the distance. Adjust the eyepiece to focus the reticle pattern to your eyes by turning it. Once the reticle looks sharp, look through the eyepiece. If you can not see the distant object clearly, the polar scope is not focused for your eyesight. Turn the locking ring a few times to loosen it, then urn the objective lens until the image is focused. Retighten the lock ring. 

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    • iOptron Polar Scope for SmartEQ

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