iOptron RS232-RJ9 Cable

Brand: iOptron

SKU : IO-8412

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  • Simple Connection Cable between Go2Nova Controller and your telescope
  • Usable with all versions of the Go2Nova
  • Use in conjunction with a serial to USB cable to connect to your computer instead of the controller

Product Details

  • The iOptron RS232 to RJ9 serial cable is designed to attach to the iOptron Go2Nova hand controller to connect to your telescope mount. 

    This cable is used for firmware upgrade (hand controller and/or control boards), mount computer control, or Wi-Fi adapter connection for some mounts. This 46-inch long cable may be needed for the following iOptron mounts:

    • CEM60/CEM60EC
    • AZ Mount Pro
    • iEQ45 Pro and iEQ30 Pro
    • CEM25/CEM25EC
    • ZEQ25
    • SmartEQ/SmartEQ Pro/SmartEQ Pro+
    • CubePro with 8408 HC
    • Cube-II
    • SkyGuider Pro (hand controller firmware upgrade only)

    The cable may not be compatible for other brand mounts. 

  • specifications

    Connects FromHand Controller
  • included items




    • iOptron RS232 connector (f) to RJ9 plug (m) cable




      RS232   RJ9
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