iOptron CEM26 EQ Mount with iPolar, Hard Case, and 1.5" Tripod

Brand: iOptron

SKU : IO-C262A1

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  • Unique design, center-balanced equatorial mount
  • Ideal for both visual observation and astrophotography
  • Max payload of 26 lbs with the mount weight of only 10 lbs
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and integrated ST-4 auto guiding port
  • Integrated iPolar electronic polar finder
  • 1.75" LiteRoc Tripod and Hard Case included

Product Details

  • This next-generation package pairs iOptron's newest CEM26 EQ mount with integrated iPolar, 1.5" tripod, and hard case. Be prepared to run, not walk, to your favorite dark sky site with this incredible bundle!

    CEM26 Mount

    iOptron's CEM26 Center-Balance Equatorial Mount is the newest generation of compact EQ mounts from iOptron. They are designed with portability in mind, with the mount itself weighing only 10 lbs and a payload of up to 26 lbs (a 2.6 mount weight to payload ratio!) The secret to this is in the design of the mount itself - the mount and payload weight are directly centered on the tripod, giving you "natural stability".

    The CEM26 mount is equipped with large and easy to use quick-lock gear clutches. Its precision stepper motor enables you to have precise GOTO and accurate tracking. The Go2Nova 8409 controller features advanced GOTONOVA GOTO technology, giving you the opportunity to expertly track your target in the night sky.

    While you will notice some of the same features from older CEM models, there are added functions that will enhance the user experience. These include a positive lock gear engagement system that is easy to use, even when you're wearing gloves! The built-in Wi-Fi enables you to have great, stable connection and you will have the ability to record permanent periodic error correction (PPEC) in order to repeat optimal PEC training sessions.

    The CEM26 delivers precise pointing and accurate tracking, giving you functionality you could have only dreamed of. The 212,000 object library ensures that you'll never run out of dark sky objects to observe or photograph.

    The CEM26 is the new standard for compact equatorial mounts. Get yours today!

    Built-in iPolar for Polar Alignment

    This mount has an integrated electronic polar finder scope known as the iPolar. This tool ensures accurate alignment even when the pole star is obscured. There are large levers on the quick-lock drive engagement system which make it easy to snap the gears into place.

  • specifications

    Database212000 Objects
    Drive TypeWorm Gear
    Free ShippingYes
    Head DesignEquatorial
    Instrument Capacity26 lbs
    Latitude Range0 to 60 Degrees
    Mount Head Weight10 lb
    Ports 12V DC
    Telescope ConnectionVixen Style
    Total Kit Weight30 lbs
    Tracking Accuracy10 Arcseconds
    Tripod Weight11 lbs
  • included items

    • CEM26 EQ Mount
    • Integrated iPolar System
    • 1.5" Standard Tripod
    • Counterweight Shaft
    • 10 lb Counterweight
    • Go2Nova 8409 Hand Controller with Cord
    • Hard Case
    • AC power adapter

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