iOptron AccuAligning Polar Scope

Brand: iOptron

SKU : IO-3330

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  • Created for use with the SkyTracker Camera Mount and the ZEQ25 Equatorial
  • When used with the iOptron SkyTracker, the polar scope simply slides into the polar scope port
  • When used with the iOptron ZEQ25 mount, an optional illumination LED (#3333) is required

Product Details

  • In order for the iOptron SkyTracker or ZEQ25 mount to tracking properly, they have to be accurately polar aligned. This is achieved by making the polar axis of the mount parallel to that of the Earth's axis of rotation. The iOptron AccuAligning Polar Scope makes it easy to polar align your mount so you can get on to the fun of observing or imaging! Before installing the iOptron polar scope onto the mount, face the polar scope to a bright source, such as the sky (but not the SUN) or a lamp that is in the distance. Adjust the eyepiece to focus the reticle pattern to your eyes by turning it. Once the reticle looks sharp, look through the eyepiece. If you can not see the distant object clearly, the polar scope is not focused for your eyesight. Turn the locking ring a few times to loosen it, then urn the objective lens until the image is focused. Retighten the lock ring.

    To install the polar scope into the SkyTracker mount, turn the Polar Scope Lock Screw until it does not intrude into the Polar Scope Mounting Hole. The flat surface inside the mounting hole is for polar scope alignment and the LED acts as both the power indicator and the illuminating light for the polar scope reticle. Gently insert the polar scope into the Polar Scope Mounting Hole with the flat section on the polar scope facing down. Push the polar scope all the way in so the flat surfaces inside the hole align to the flat section on the polar scope. This will cause the LED to position itself correctly. Finger tighten (not too tight) the Polar Scope Lock Screw.

    For instructions on how to install the iOptron Polar Scope in the ZEQ25 mount, you can download the instruction sheet. The Polar Scope dial has been divided into 12 hours along the angular direction with half- hour tics. There are 2 groups, 6 concentric circles marked from 36 degrees to 44 degrees and 60 degrees to 70 degrees, respectively. The 36 degree to 44 degree concentric circles are used for polar alignment in the northern hemisphere using Polaris, while the 60 degree to 70 degree circles are used for polar alignment in the southern hemisphere using Sigma Octantis.

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