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Hubble Optics 5-Star Artificial Star

SKU : OE-HB5ST0002

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  • The ultimate method to test and collimate your telescopes
  • Instantly find out which star is best for your set-up and place
  • Adjust the brightness of the stars 
  • The unit should be kept separated from the magnetic mask
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (user supplied)


Product Details

  • The 5-star Artificial Star(s) by Hubble Optics:

    The star test is the ultimate method to test and collimate your telescopes. The most and very much the only difficult part of doing the star test is that you need a star. Sadly, a real star is not always available, and you really may not want to spend your precious observation time doing star test even when it is available. Of course, you will also need a good tracking system for doing star test with the moving star. After all the troubles, due to the turbulence, the real star may not even reveal the true quality of your telescopes or give you a perfect collimation.

    An artificial star will provide you an excellent alternative mean to do the star test anytime and anywhere you want, without all the drawbacks of the real stars. However, the problem with the artificial star is that you really need a different size of artificial stars for different telescopes of different apertures with different F/#, and even for the same telescopes but at different distances, and under different lighting environments.

    The innovative Hubble 5-star Artificial Star(s) is a perfect solution to this problem. It has 5 bright white LEDs with 5 precision pinholes (50/100/150/200/250 microns). It will enable you to test practically all the telescopes of different apertures with different F/#, from any reasonable distances needed, and under different lighting environment.

    We are not suggesting that you should stop using any other methods or any collimating tools you feel comfortable with. You can continue your current practice, but after that always use the star test to validate or confirm your scope is indeed in perfect collimation; no other method (except the star test) can guarantee a perfect collimation. If your scope is still not in a perfect collimation after your current practice, you need to use the star test to fine-tune the collimation to its perfection. However, if you do not have any other collimating tool yet, then a star test with Hubble 5-star Artificial Star(s) alone will enable you to reach a perfect collimation with your telescopes.

    Hubble 5-star Artificial Star(s) Advantages:

    • You can instantly find out which star is best for your particular telescope at that particular distance under that particular lighting environment by simply choosing the smallest possible star, but which still give you clear defocused image.
    • You can even adjust the brightness of the stars by twisting the LED cap.
    • You can mask out any 4 of the 5 stars with a provided magnetic mask.
    • Prevent any blockage of the pinholes by keeping the mask clean.
    • Store it in a clean Ziploc bag separated from the magnetic mask.
    • Requires 3 AAA batteries (user supplied).

    OPT Product Number: OE-HB5ST0002


  • specifications

    Collimation ToolArtificial Stars
    Warranty1 Year Warranty
  • included items

    •  Hubble Optics Hubble 5-Star Artificial Star


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United States United States

Best way to collimate your scope

Works perfectly, good quality, fast delivery. Now my SCT is perfectly collimated every time I take it out which takes about 10 minutes.

Luis M.
United States United States

More intensity required

The Hubble Optics Hubble 5-Star Artificial Star may served its intended purpose fo night use, but it did not that well for me at daytime inside the house. Collimation when smoothly with the bigger diameter star when I used my C-8 at 400x, but when I switched to the smaller diameter the star was too dim. It may work better at night, but I need the collimation done at daytime before I star my night session. Bought the AstroZap, the star is smaller and brighter.

John V.
United States

artificial star

It produced the artificial star image I needed to collimate a refractor but it uses batteries too fast and illuminates all 5 star openings even if you just need one. It would be much nicer if the LED corresponding to the star you want could be selected and the rest turned off. Also would be nice if an external power supply could be added so I dont go bankrupt buying aaa cells.

Frank M.
United States

Hubble Optics 5-Star Artificial Star

Over all the items works and allowed me to touch up the collmination of my SCT's secondary mirror. However I find the little magnet mask supplied with it is hard to get to stick to the surface to cover the unwanted stars. You have to mess with it to get it to stay on.

Ayanna H.
United States

Waste of money

I tried for about 45 minutes to find the right distance for my 8" RC to focus on it. Couldn't find it. Ended up using the peep hole in my front door with some paper and a toothpick sized hole in it, and that worked. So I wasted my money on this product. It may suit Refractors much better.

United States

Four-star review for a five-star device

It’s a very simple device, just five white LEDs, each illuminating a differently-sized small hole. Construction quality is adequate. (If it were an LED flashlight without the hole plate it’d cost 3 bucks.) Its one flaw is that the hole plate is bright aluminum rather than dark, so that the space between “stars” is much brighter than in the real night sky, which unnecessarily reduces contrast. Black-anodizing the plate would be a nice touch.