Howie Glatter 2.0" to 1.25" Parallizer Eyepiece Centering Adapter

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Howie Glatter 2.0" to 1.25" Parallizer Eyepiece Centering Adapter

The Howie Glatter 2.0-inch to 1.25-inch Parallizer Eyepiece Centering Adapter from Starlight Instruments: is designed to ensure dead parallel alignment between a 2-inch drawtube and a 1.25-inch accessory. It works by clamping the cylindrical surface 1.25-inch barrel between two parallel straight edges. Like dropping a cylinder into a V-block, it's totally wiggle-free. The straight edges can be seen in the photo looking down the 1.25-inch barrel.

The adapter has a non-marring clamp screw is set at 45-degrees to push the accessory down against the adapter flange when tightened. The Parallizer has zero in-focus loss and doesn’t require a clearance slot in a drawtube to seat fully. The barrel of this adapter is also threaded for 48 mm (2-inch) filters.



Accessory TypeAdapters & Interfaces
ManufacturerStarlight Instruments


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