HoTech SCA Laser Collimator - Dot - Newtonian & SCT Telescopes - 1.25"/ 2"



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  • High Accuracy Laser Alignment.
  • Precision Machined Compact Lightweight.
  • Ideal for Newtonian Style Telescope.

Product Details

  • The HoTech SCA Laser Collimator separates itself from all the other laser collimators with its innovative Self-Centering Adapter technology (SCA). The mechanism allows precise and repeatable installation in all brands of 1.25-inch and 2-inch telescope focusers.

    HoTech SCA Laser Collimator Extra Features

    Precision Machined Compact Lightweight Design

    The lightweight design on the HoTech SCA laser collimator helps ensure that you get reliable precision collimation every time. The HoTech SCA Laser Collimator is made from aerospace-grade lightweight aluminum material and CNC machined with the tightest tolerances, then sandblasted and anodized to protect it from harsh environments.

    45-degree Faceplate Viewer with Laser Engraved Targeting Grid

    The faceplate viewer of the HoTech SCA Laser Collimator helps to display the returning laser spot with a clear visual reference during adjustment. The faceplate allows you to align your primary mirror from the rear of the telescope, eliminating traveling to the front of your scope repeatedly during collimation. HoTech understands the importance of this, so the faceplate is a standard feature in its laser collimator. Also, the faceplate viewer's pattern is laser engraved to ensure a long-lasting, sharp targeting grid.

    Finest Projecting Laser Dot

    Keeping the laser dot to the finest point is the key to precision collimation. But when you look closely at the laser dot from brand to brand, most laser dots appear large, not a fine point as you imagined. This means there is guesswork involved when you try to center the dot; not just centering the laser dot to the center of the faceplate, but also centering the center of the dot itself.

    High Accuracy Laser Alignment

    The SCA laser collimator is well centered and aligned, which are critical factors for an accurate collimation. Unfortunately, you will be surprised that many laser collimators in the market fail in this regard. The reason is in the design and understanding of the product itself.

    Long-Lasting Battery Life

    By using the CR123, 3V battery as the laser power source, the HoTech laser collimator has over 65 hours of continuous use battery life. The included CR123, 3V lithium battery operates well under a typical cold night and it has a 10-year shelf life. This is important in the field because you don't have to worry about changing the tiny hard-to-find cell batteries frequently in the dark as you do with other collimators.

    HoTech SCA Laser Collimator Specifications

    • Model 2-inch and 1.25-inch Crosshair SCA Laser Collimator.
    • Focuser Size Compatible with 2-inch and 1.25-inch Focuser.
    • Laser Wavelength of 650 nm.
    • Laser Output Power Class II, < 1mW.
    • Operating Voltage 3V.
    • Battery One 3V Lithium Battery (included), 10 years shelf life, 40+ Operating Hours.
    • Weight 6.5 oz. with Battery.
    • Dimension 2-inch/50.8mm dia. x 6.25-inch/159 mm (L).
    • Construction All Areo-Space Grade Anodize Aluminum Case.

    OPT Product Number: HT-SCA2

  • specifications

    Collimation ToolLaser Collimators
    Warranty1 Year Warranty
  • included items

    • High Accuracy Laser Alignment.
    • Precision Machined Compact Lightweight.
    • Ideal for Newtonian Style Telescope.

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