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  • Hotech Astro Aimer Green Laser & Red/White Flashlight The Hotech Generation II Astro Aimer has evolved from the original Astro Aimer, with it's high-quality construction and design, into a state-of-the-art technological product with thoughtful, upgraded features that will serve you well at star parties and observing sessions. The bright green laser enables accurate pinpointing of remote objects in lighted or darkened areas, providing you with advantages over traditional red laser pointers that are not as bright and/or visible. The super-bright LED flashlight works with a twist of the flashlight cap...counter-clockwise for red, and clockwise for white!


    Highlights of the New, Improved Astro Aimer Gen II...


    • High Output Green Laser: 4 to 5 mW high-output power green laser, 532 nm wavelength. A green laser is 20 times brighter than a red laser at the same output power as perceived by human eyes. Allows audience an approximate 3 meter radius around you, so that they can clearly follow the laser line to the exact pointed star.


    • Power Regulated LED Illuminations: Variable brightness red LED. Low and intermediate mode for map reading, and high brightness mode (4,000 mcd) for night flashlight without disrupting other star gazers dark-adapted vision.

      High efficient super-bright white LEDs for field illumination. 3 true-white LEDs provide true color and bright illumination (approx. 21,000 mcd total). Best illumination tool for packing up, searching for lost items or identifying colored items.

      Voltage regulated power control circuit keeps LEDs performing at a constant brightness. The circuitry keeps the LEDs operating at their maximum brightness until the minimum voltage cut off point (4 volts). LED brightness does not decay according to the battery drain like other battery-powered flashlights.


    • Easy Telescope Aiming Adjustment: Time-delayed laser switch frees both your hands for adjusting your telescope's aim without holding the laser's "ON" button like other green pointers. Please see the "How to Align Your Astro Aimer with Your Telescope" below for more details.


    • Precision Machined Quality: Precision machined with aerospace-grade aluminum and anodized for a rugged and lasting crafted instrument.


    • Extra Long Battery Life: Operated by three AAA batteries, approximately 20 continuous hours.


    • Carry Strap & Case: Detachable 15 adjustable strap to hang on your neck or wrist and belt clip pouch are included.
    How to Align Your Astro Aimer With Your Telescope Install your Laser in your ring-type finder scope mount. Make sure the inside diameter of the scope ring is larger than the diameter Laser. If the I.D. of the scope mount is too large and the screw is too short to make contact with the Laser, go to a hardware store and purchase a nylon-tipped thumb screw with compatible threads.


    Pre-install the Laser in the scope mount at the position where the laser ON/OFF button is easily accessible (e.g. between the two mounting rings).

    Point your telescope to an easy to find object (e.g. the moon), and check through your viewfinder (use the lowest magnification or large field of view) and move the telescope until the object is in the approximate center of your view.

    Turn on the Laser and adjust the laser pointing to the same approximate center location of the object.

    While the laser is on, you should be able to see the diverging green laser line in your viewfinder pointing toward the object.

    Fine adjust the Laser's pointing until the green line diverges into the center of your viewfinder. During this adjustment process, you don't need to point at the moon. Your telescope can point at the dark sky for best visibility of the laser line.


    Note: Laser Safety Precaution: Safety precautions must be followed when using the Astro Aimer. Never shine a laser at anyone. Lasers are designed to illustrate inanimate objects. The beam should never be allowed to enter the eye. Although instant permanent blindness will not occur with a momentary, glancing exposure, visual damage could occur if the beam is allowed to enter the eye and fall upon the same area of the retina for more than about 1/4 second. This is an unlikely occurrence, given the aversion and blink reflex, however, all precautions should always be followed to avoid direct eye exposure.

    Astro Aimer should never be pointed at vehicles, boats, or aircraft, even distant ones.

    When others are observing, the Astro Aimer should only be used with permission. Astro Aimer should not be pointed at nearby reflective objects because the brilliant reflections will temporarily destroy dark-adapted vision. The beam in air does not noticeably effect dark adaptation.

    Astro Aimer should not be used when others are imaging, as a sweep of the beam through the imaged field might register in the exposure. To insure that the previous precautions are followed, do not allow minors to use Astro Aimer unsupervised. Laser devices are not toys.

    HoTech Product Number: GL04

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