Gerd Neumann Neutral Density Filter Film for 100mm - 160mm Aurora Panels

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  • ND Rating: 1.2
  • Fits 100 to 160 mm Aurora Panels



Gerd Neumann Neutral Density Filter Film for 100mm - 160mm Aurora Panels

Gerd Neumann Neutral Density Filter Film for 100 mm to 160 mm Aurora Panels

The brightness of the Aurora Flatfield Panel is matched to work best with typical light intensity levels produced after passing through filters. If you are working with light from the whole spectrum, such as when using no filter or only a UV+IR blocked Luminance filter, you will likely have to the reduce the brightness of the panel. The brightness can be controlled electronically to some extent by reducing the input voltage of the inverter (12V inverter only).

For very fast optical systems and/or large cameras with slow shutters, the brightness of the Aurora has to be reduced effectively. To that end, Gerd Neumann offers neutral density/ grey filter foils in corresponding sizes to be placed inside the frame of the Aurora panels. For customers with fast Astrographs and/or very sensitive cameras Gerd Neumann recommends getting more than one of these foils. The brightness is very even across the whole surface and it works well for the most critical imaging applications, even photometry or spectroscopy.

Gerd Neumann Product Number: 10-310-100



Accessory TypeFilter Film
Filter TypeNeutral Density
ManufacturerGerd Neumann

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  • I have the Gerd Neumann Aurora Flatfield Panels for

    The ND film is actually cut round to fit the round housing. I use the same ND film with my